It’s Time To Disband the Democratic Party And Prosecute the Traitors

Elder Patriot – The massive revelations concerning Hillary’s collusion with Russian entities on multiple occasions during an eight year span beginning in 2009 has obscured the growing scandal surrounding her close ally and former DNC head, Debbie Wasserman Shultz.

Lt. Colonel Tony Schaffer told Laura Ingraham that the Awan brothers, who were masquerading as IT experts at a pay level more than twice Washington’s going rate, used the security clearances that Wasserman Schultz had arranged for them to send sensitive Intel to terrorists in Pakistan. 

Schaffer revealed that evidence has been discovered that the Pakistani IT staffers had been in direct contact with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Why is Wasserman Schultz getting a pass?  She is not some low level operative that wormed her way into the Democratic Party.  She was Hillary Clinton’s handpicked leader of the party.  Keep in mind that another person with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood was Hillary’s confidential assistant, Huma Abedin.

Even after the Awans’ criminal activities had been uncovered Wasserman Schultz kept paying them.  What do they have on her?

The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization that both Obama and Clinton refused to label as such even after they violently removed Egyptian President Mubarak who has been a reliable U.S. ally.

Obama and Clinton covered for the terrorist overthrow by trying to sell it as an “Arab spring.”

The level of corruption that is now surfacing surrounding virtually everyone associated with the Clintons’ as well as the Obama administration gives rise to legitimately question whether one or more of these brothers were responsible for the security breach that resulted in the deaths of 30 SEAL Team 6 members about Extortion 17?

It’s time to admit that the Democrats have long ago surrendered their position as the “loyal” opposition.  Their defense of open immigration, Islamic extremism, economy strangling taxes and debt, consistent attempts to grow rather than shrink government dependency, divisive social policies, and complete disregard for the rule of law effectively makes them enemies of the state.

As the hubbub of Russian collusion continues to hamstring Donald Trump’s ability to make America great again we should remember that the Democrats told us throughout the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s all the way until October of 2017 that their Marxist brothers in Russia really posed no threat to us.

The only thing that changed that was the impending election of Donald Trump that forced them into a panic about their treasonous alliances and transactions with the Russians.

It’s time to name a special counsel and arm him or her with the broadest possible scope of investigative authority to determine why the Democrats are still allowed to operate as one of our two major political parties. 

The idea of compromising with today’s Dems is no different than compromising with any other criminal syndicate.  America needs a legitimate second party to hold the Republicans in check.

That leads us to also request that while the special counsel is investigating the Dems they might want to also explain why the Republicans have allowed this to happen.