Three Charts Obama and Democrats Don’t Want You to See

ELDER PATRIOT – Immigration is destroying the U.S. economy and Obama’s own census provided the data that proves it.

Lets start by identifying the states with the highest percentage of immigrants compared to their overall populations.

California, New Jersey, and New York are the only three states with immigrant populations that are greater than 20%. (Note: these are both legal and illegal immigrants)  It is highly probable that an additional and significant percentage of illegal aliens refused to identify themselves for fear of reprisal.

Okay, that’s interesting but it proves nothing.  Or, does it?  Let’s turn our attention to the federal government’s 2014 Population Survey of States Social and Economic Supplements (SPM).  This is the measure of the percentage of the population that is receiving federal assistance. 

There are nine states with SPM’s higher than the national average – California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New JerseyNew York, and Virginia as well as the District of Columbia.

With such high percentages of their state’s residents requiring federal assistance we should expect these to be among the country’s poorest states.  But, they’re not as the following chart reveals:

Quite the opposite in fact is true.  California’s median family income is $64,500; New Jersey’s Median Family Income exceeds $72,222, and New York State Household Income hovering near $61,000.  As the chart shows U.S. median family income is $50,502.

The maps reveal the discrepancy between any state’s median family incomes and it’s SPM can only be explained by the willingness of the residents of each state to accept Welfare. 

This underscores a major difference between how immigrants view the federal government’s role in their lives and how those steeped in American culture, tradition, and pride of self-reliance do.

It also explains why Democratic President Lyndon Johnson schemed to change America for the sole purpose of winning elections by pushing Congress to pass two pieces of legislation with the intention of building a base of government dependents that Democrats would be able to reliably count on for their votes:

  • The Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 that established our current Welfare system and that has resulted in generations of Americans who depend on government for their basic needs.
  • The Hart-Celler Immigration Act of 1965 transformed the ethnic portrait of the United States.  Originally passed with quotas to insure that the incoming immigrant population closely mirrored our existing population in culture and attitude it nevertheless created the mechanism that would eventually be perverted to forever change the culture of the American electorate.

LBJ’s plan hadn’t worked as effectively as he had hoped as the first wave of immigrants to arrive here were Europeans who quickly adapted their attitude and culture to adhere to the existing norms among the general population.

In 1980, Senator Ted Kennedy guided a system for resettlement of refugees in the United States through Congress. Immediately the vast majority of immigrants were surging in from Latin America, Asia, and Africa, legally and illegally.

Kennedy wasn’t satisfied with the pace of America’s transformation into a nation of public dependents and pushed through S.358 – Immigration Act of 1990 that limited the legal entry of European professions while massively expanding the quotas for those coming from third world countries.

Today, California, New Jersey and New York are three states that Democrats can count on to vote for a cardboard cutout of Stalin if party elders chose that to represent their party.  That’s 98 electoral votes representing 36% of the required 270 necessary to win presidential election. 

Clearly immigration and class warfare have become potent weapons in the Dems’ electoral arsenal.

It also explains why Democrats have morphed from the party of the workingman to a party that represents the rich and the poor – the rich who have used immigrant labor to grow exponentially richer and the poor who require government assistance, oft times even when employed.

This is also the reason Obama implemented so many policies that crushed the Middle Class and why Hillary promised her followers a third term of Obama’s disastrous economic policies. 

The Democrats have found a way to get both sides of their class-warfare scheme to support them in what is a brilliant case study in marketing.

Fortunately, Donald Trump made the incredible self-sacrifice of running for president when the path of his life cried out for him not to. 

It was Trump, and Trump alone among the 17 Republican candidate for president who spoke to America’s heartland – not so much the geographic heartland as the heart of what remains of the Middle Class – and rallied them to stand up for their rights over the rights of anyone else.

And, fortunately he has the steel spine necessary to withstand the enmity and attacks of the entire Washington establishment for having done so.