So, You Think Maxine Waters is Crazy?

ELDER PATRIOT – Congresswoman Maxine Waters has emerged as the Democrats’ new Rock Star.  Known for her screeching foul mouth, and obsession with impeaching President Trump, she has become the darling of Democrats suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.  But, is she really just “off the charts wacky” or is there a method to her madness?

The truth is she is nothing more than a criminal feeding from the public trough.

Here are three examples of how she used her position of trust to defraud American taxpayers:

Reported in the Free Beacon:

The daughter of Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.) has pulled in more than $600,000 from her mother’s campaigns since 2006 to manage election mailers that endorse politicians who pay the congresswoman for her support, according to a review of campaign finance records.

Having worked on the campaign of a candidate for the House of Representatives who was challenging an incumbent RINO I know that managing election mailers can be handled by a volunteer.

Reported by Judicial Watch:

Waters broke the rules in requesting federal help [bailout money] for a bank where her husband owned stock and had served on the board of directors.” At the time she requested the help, Waters neglected to tell Treasury officials about her financial ties to OneUnited Bank.

Without intervention by Waters (and a big assist from her co-conspirator Rep. Barney Frank), OneUnited was an extremely unlikely candidate for Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) funding. The Treasury Department indicated that it would only provide bailout funds to healthy banks to jump-start lending. However, Judicial Watch uncovered documents detailing the deplorable financial condition of OneUnited at the time of the cash infusion. In fact, just prior to the bailout, OneUnited received a “less than satisfactory rating.”

Reported in the Washington Times:

Lobbyist Mike Roos paid Rep. Maxine Waters’ husband Sidney Williams $15,000 in consulting fees.  In return Dirty Maxine co-sponsored legislation that would help save the real-estate finance business of one of the lobbyist’s best-paying clients.

While Waters has been the subject of ethics investigations for consistently abusing her position of trust to enrich her family over a period of many years the Democrats still made her their Ranking Member of the Financial Services Committee.

Talk about putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop!  Now why in the world do you think Democratic Party leaders would do that, hmm?  It couldn’t be because the federal treasury is the richest bank in the world with the least reporting requirements, could it?

Not only is Waters corrupt but she is nearly untouchable representing a +29 Democrat congressional district.  This allows her to say or do anything with political impunity.  And, herein lies the success behind her strategy.

Devoid of ideas and having been stripped of power by the voters, Democratic Party leaders have been left courting the most extreme elements of their party just to prevent their base from deserting them for the Communist and Green Parties.  And Maxine is proving to be just the gal for that.

In return, “Dirty Maxine” can count on the Democrats that any attempt by the Department of Justice to bring her to justice will be met with the outrage by members of her party – and their allies in the mainstream media – in charging the Trump administration with intentionally trying to silence a political opponent.

Maxine may portray a psychotic, screeching, foul-mouthed, impeachment-obsessed socialist on TV but she is as sly as a fox.  She knows that as long as she serves the party the party will serve her.

This is how the swamp protects itself