The Only Thing You Need to Know About Paul Ryan

ELDER PATRIOT – You can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps and whom he’s most comfortable being around.  For Paul Ryan his actions leading up to tomorrow’s primary against populist Paul Nehlen provide answers to those two questions that the voters of Wisconsin’s Frist Congressional District should weigh heavily.

Ryan had made no public appearances and held no press conferences in the district he represents in Congress as of this past weekend.  He’s chosen to run carefully scripted, focus group tested, television ads, instead.

He did find time, however, to attend the Koch Brothers’ gathering of donors in Colorado less than two weeks ago.  The four hundred billionaires and near billionaires in attendance paid a minimum of $100,000 each to attend.  Their goal is to keep the government floodgates funding crony capitalism wide open.

When Paul Ryan took the stage he was greeted by a rousing standing ovation.  Obviously, ramrodding through the largest omnibus bill in the history of this, or any other country, has made him something of a folk hero among these greedy globalists.

There was no media or recording devices allowed in the convention hall when Ryan spoke but I have it from a reliable source that when the Speaker of the House promised to oppose any attempt Donald Trump makes to cut federal spending in any way, his comment was met with thunderous applause.

I’ve been present at a similar, albeit much more intimate gathering of billionaires, in Washington and got to watch the then V.P. candidate promise the same thing.

Paul Ryan has been trading the tax dollars of hardworking Americans to benefit globalist billionaires since he got to Washington.  This is the same currency that Hillary Clinton and President Obama deal in which should raise some concerns since Ryan has steadfastly refused to endorse the one outspoken critic of this fiscal policy, Donald Trump.

Paul Ryan has made it abundantly clear through both his actions and his words that he’s most comfortable representing the interests of billionaires and avoiding the rest of America’s working class citizens.