THE JUDGES LAUGHED At These 4 Grandmas, When The Music Starts? WATCH THEIR FACES!

VIA| If you put each of them together they’d have a combined age of 293. But that’s not stopping these grannies from getting up on stage and shaking their tail feathers!

British natives Michelle, age 63, Heather, age 70-something, Lynn, age 80, and Maxine, age 75, appeared on Britain’s Got Talent and when they walked on stage the judges were not prepared for what was about to happen next.

They call themselves “The Cocooners” and these four ladies put on quite a performance as one of the oldest dance groups ever to appear on the show. Just wait until you see what happens when they take the stage and rip off their granny clothes! This is too good!

Doctors say that exercise can help increase a person’s lifespan and prevent cardiovascular disease. So it’s no wonder these ladies look and act so amazingly young for their ages. I can’t get over the shock on Simon Cowell’s face when he watched their performance.

I hope you’re inspired to get up and dance today!