The Democrat National Corporation Pulling Out All Stops to Guarantee Biden Wins Their Nomination… Does That Include Election Fraud?

Keep in mind that both major political parties are privately owned corporations.  Their allegiance is only to maintaining their power and access to the federal treasury.  What their voters want is a distant second.

On Super Tuesday, Joe Biden defied the pre-primary polls, and narrowly won Texas.

(HuffPost) Former Vice President Joe Biden won Tuesday’s Democratic presidential primary in Texas, The Associated Press reported early Wednesday morning. 

It was by far one of the closest races of the night, remaining neck-and-neck between him and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) for several hours after the polls closed.

Texas, one of 14 states to vote for Democratic candidates on Super Tuesday, awards 228 delegates, making it the biggest trove of the night after California. 

Biden’s campaign upset expectations, carrying it on the strength of a three-day earned media blitz in which Biden’s onetime moderate rivals coalesced behind his candidacy. Polling that had once shown Sanders holding a modest lead over Biden in Texas began shifting following Biden’s dramatic win in South Carolina on Saturday.

Except, maybe Biden didn’t win the majority vote in Texas…

(WFAA) – Dallas County Elections Administrator Toni Pippins-Poole discovered her office did not count about 10% of the ballots that voters cast on Super Tuesday.

She is now asking a court to let her conduct a manual recount of the votes, after she discovered 44 thumb drives containing ballots that were not included in the final results.

Common sense begs the question; how the heck does something like this happen… over and over again?  Logic would demand a district-by-district checklist where the entry of results for each district are confirmed and checked off.

After all, this isn’t Broward County, FL.  Then again, maybe this is a part of the Dems’ playbook.  Democrats maintain a tight grip on their power and have no interest in any outsider seizing control of their criminal syndicate… no Donald Trump’s… not here…not ever!!!

You’ll recall they stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders in 2016 relying on the votes of superdelegates who were put in place purposefully to deny the party’s rank and file (their deplorables) from escaping the plantation.

You’ll also recall DNC chair Donna Brazile sending the debate questions to Hillary Clinton in advance… but not to Bernie.

Here’s establishment pimp George Stephanopoulos shilling for the DNC’s entrenched interests by listing those oligarchs who are supporting Biden.  

Bernie hits back:  “We have the support of virtually every major grassroots organization.”

It’s hard to envision how the party can heal itself in time for the November election after they get done screwing Bernie for the second time. 

Then again, the likelihood is that Bernie will sell his soul and his allegiance to Biden in exchange for… say… unlimited use of a Gulfstream 3 the same way he sold his endorsement to Hillary for a “summer camp.”