bombing in Istanbul

ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – While Americans celebrated Independence Day over the July 4th weekend, ISIS was busy committing a murder spree around the world.  ISIS got a jump on the weekend with a bombing attack on the international airport in Istanbul on June 28th, killing 41 and injuring more than 200 persons.  A terrorist at the international terminal entrance first opened fire with a Kalashnikov and then blew himself up.  It is believed the suspects had been trying to pass through the x-ray machines when they were stopped by security officials.  They then opened fire and became locked in a shootout with security and police officers.

airport map

ISIS supporters using an encrypted forum said they believed the attacks were retaliation against Turkey for supporting air strikes against ISIS in Syria.  A Moroccan jihadi was reported as saying: ‘Friends, Turkey has become a member of the axis of infidel countries fighting and showing hostility against us:

‘They kill our brothers on a daily basis by launching airstrikes on our country, and the blessed bombings that we hope our brothers are responsible for is a natural reaction and only a small part of the price Turkey has to pay for its policy against our brothers.’


On July 1st, local Muslim militants launched a terror attack in Bangladesh.  It was one of the deadliest militant attacks to date in Bangladesh, where Islamic Jihadis have committed a series of killings targeting liberals and religious minorities in the last year.  Friday’s attack marked a major escalation in the scale and brutality of terror, in a campaign aimed at forcing strict Islamic rule in Bangladesh, whose 160 million people are mostly Muslim.  Gunmen stormed a restaurant in Dhaka’s diplomatic zone late on Friday and killed 20 people, most of them foreigners from Italy, Japan, India and the United States.  Reportedly, the gunmen spared anyone in the restaurant who was able to cite a passage from the Koran. 

This just highlights the idiocy of the Obama Administration’s refusal to admit the link between Islamist terror and the religion of Islam itself.  In the past year the Obama administration has twice ordered that mentions of the terror group ISIS and “Islamic terrorism” be purged “from highly significant public records, while refusing to give an explanation for the reason.  It has become patently obvious that Barack Obama will give as much official cover for Islam’s role in terrorism worldwide as it can.