Terror Is Germany: Jaw Dropping Footage Shows 80 Men With Machetes Brawling In The Street

Elder Patriot – We can learn a lot from Europe’s unbridled welcoming of migrants who were raised in a different culture.

Europe has allowed itself to be turned into the ultimate test tube for multiculturalism.  The results have been horrendous to say the least.

Under Angela Merkel, Germany welcomed Muslim immigrants with open arms to counter the nation’s declining population.  It was hoped that they would replace the children that Germans never had.

Merkel embarked on this course hoping that the new immigrant community would be able to pay for the entitlements – healthcare and pensions – that she promised and finds herself unable to deliver on.

As it turns out, people aren’t interchangeable: uneducated and illiterate migrants from the Middle East cannot replace German engineers and industrial artisans.  In fact, the presence of the burgeoning migrant community has only exacerbated the problems of Germany’s welfare state.

Fully 1 In 7 Germans 32 and younger are Muslim, and 80 percent of them are on welfare.

But what is even more damaging is the clash of cultures that is proving irreconcilable and outright dangerous for far too many natives and migrants.

The emergence of no-go zones where even police fear to tread has been well documented even while their existence has been largely denied by the mainstream media.

As far back as 2015 reports of sexual assault of German women by Muslim immigrants had become epidemic.  

Merkel’s response was to tell women to dress more conservatively, and not to go out after dark or unescorted.  Merkel, in what has to be considered a complete repudiation of Germany’s centuries old culture, even had the government release advertisements suggesting that women should try wearing burkas, that they might like it.

Not all Muslims are violent or incompatible with Western civilization.  While the vast majority is intent on assimilating they are tarred by the still too large contingent of those who embrace their old ways.

As if to show Germans that their violent tendencies should not be taken personally, this past Wednesday a massive riot among machete-wielding Muslims took place in Duisburg:

Problems stemming from unvetted Muslim migrants aren’t limited to Germany.

Sweden opened their arms wide to Muslim immigrants and is now debating legalizing child marriages for Muslim men and Swedish children, because “it’s their culture.”  One report claims that the Swedish government has already passed a law allowing for such marriages on a case-by-case basis.

England has voted to remove itself from the EU and Merkel’s rule, but it cannot erase the horrors of decades long sexual abuse at the hands of Sharia adherent Muslim men that English girls have endured while the government deliberately did nothing and then hid the statistics.

Islam is considered one of the world’s great religions.  But, there is obviously a disconnect between how too many of its adherents still practice it and the religion of peace we have been told it is.

For now, the disturbing level of criminal activity that has disproportionately been visited on the European people by the Muslim community must be cause for Europeans to revisit their decision to undertake the transmutation of their societies.