Tennessee Democrat Senate Candidate Enters Free Fall in Polls Following Taylor Swift Endorsement

Elder Patriot – This has been a bad past couple of weeks for former Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen who is running to fill the state’s soon-to-be vacant Senate seat.

While I don’t put much faith in polls run by the same corrupt media organizations that relentlessly repeat the debunked Trump-Russia collusion narrative, they can be useful in evaluating major swings in voter sympathy especially when they favor Republicans.

Bredesen was a popular two-term former governor of Tennessee who entered the race against conservative Republican Marsha Blackburn with a much as a 10-point lead according to a poll taken by Middle Tennessee State University in late March.

As late as October 1st, the Real Clear Politics average of all polls showed Bredesen in a dead heat with Blackburn with 46.5% voter support for each candidate.

Then, on October 1st,  President Trump came to town and held one of his Mega MAGA rallies and Blackburn was off and running.  By October 5th Black had separated herself from Bredesen by 8 points according to a CBS/YouGov poll taken between October 2-5.

On October 8th, Taylor Swift endorsed Bredesen and his campaign entered free fall.  Within three days Blackburn had opened up a 14-point lead.

Things only promise to get worse for Bredesen once this Project Veritas video is widely viewed:

This was the second Project Veritas Action Fund undercover campaign video this election season:

This report exposes Tennessee staffers from Phil Bredesen’s U.S. Senate campaign revealing his willingness to court moderate voters through deceit. This was especially evidenced by Bredesen’s recent statement suggesting he would, if he was already in the Senate, vote to confirm now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Phil Bredesen’s Staff Says He Is Lying About Kavanaugh Vote: “It’s a political move.” & “We don’t say that out of these walls.”

Voters haven’t taken kindly to the Democrats’ treatment of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh who became the subject of despicably salacious and unverified lies about sexual misconduct in his youth.

Voters who witnessed Dems coordinating with paid outside agitators who staged outrageous disruptions in the Senate hearing room and near riots on the street out front, were not amused.

Kavanaugh was confirmed as an Associate Justice to the Supreme Court on Saturday, October 6th.

In the most recent poll, The NY Times/Siena College poll taken between October 8-11, taken in the aftermath of the Kavanaugh confirmation after Dems had turned it into a national disgrace, shows Blackburn cruising with a 14-point lead.

But, that latest poll doesn’t factor in the effects of Bredesen’s campaign staff admissions captured on the Project Veritas video that was released after the poll was completed.

Blackburn is a seasoned campaigner making it difficult to envision a scenario that can derail her candidacy with only three weeks until the midterms.