Ted Cruz Embraces Identity Politics In Last Ditch Appeal

ELDER PATRIOT – Last night, at a campaign appearance for her husband, Heidi Cruz went out of her way to pander to the Hispanic vote telling her audience, “Ted is an immigrant. He is Hispanic.”  Her statement raises the question as to why she would say that? 

It is all about winning California.

Cruz knows this is a long shot but it’s all that he has left.  Of all the numbers that Cruz’s statistically sophisticated campaign are studying is Donald Trump’s astounding run to the GOP nomination has been marked by his ability to win across virtually every demographic group, most notably Hispanics.

Cruz can read his internal polls as well as anyone and what they tell him about his chances of winning the Hispanic vote in California is not encouraging.  Except for his home state of Texas, Cruz has lost every primary in states that Hispanics exceed 12% of the overall population.  In California Latino s comprise 38% of the population.

There is, however, a group of Hispanics that Trump isn’t popular with, a group that has no interest in becoming Americans but rather their interest is in annexing the United States for Mexico.  These militant Hispanics have taken it upon themselves to disrupt Trump’s campaign appearances by physically assaulting Trump supporters, causing property damage, and engaging in repeatedly chanting this stunningly revealing intellectual political ditty, “Fuck Trump.” 

Cruz is actively courting these militant dissidents in a last ditch effort deny Donald Trump from reaching the 1237 delegates necessary to win the Republican nomination outright prior to the convention.  The desperate politician is hoping to embolden this fringe group in the hopes that their demonstrations grow into a more significant movement that might sway voters in California and elsewhere.

It’s a despicable move straight from the Democrats’ playbook.  It won’t work with Republican voters and might well serve to inoculate Trump from further rioting when the Democrats roll out their professionals during the general election.

Cruz’s larger problem is how unlikable he is.  He’s built a textbook ground game in California and began campaigning there well ahead of Donald Trump after it became apparent that he had absolutely no chance of getting any delegates from the campaign recent swing through the Northeast.  Despite Cruz’s structural advantage and personal presence in California his support there is in free fall.


Trump’s lone advantage with Hispanic voters has been the fact that the majority of them have assimilated as Americans. 

Cruz’s strategy is both cynical dangerous.  His embrace of identity politics is similar to the tactics employed by Barack Obama and beneath any candidate seeking to be president.

Heidi Cruz also claimed, “We have libertarians joining our cause. I have people every day from the Democrat Party telling me that they re-registered to vote for Ted as a Republican. Because they understand what he stands for, and he represents America.”

Really?  That makes Cruz’s six primary losing streak where he got less than one vote for every three that Trump got difficult to explain.

Heidi saved her biggest whopper for last.  Even as Cruz has embarked on a strategy of division amongst Republicans, she had the temerity to suggest, “He can unify the party.” 

Even she doesn’t believe that.