ELDER PATRIOT – Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who lost a very contentious primary battle to Donald Trump, had a chance to burnish his star last night after Donald Trump graciously gave him a primetime speaking slot with no pre-set conditions on what he would or could say. 

The petulant Cruz could not have done any more damage to his political career with the twenty-five minutes he was given.  He was thoroughly rebuked by the convention’s delegates with the overwhelming number of those in attendance booing him for the last half of his speech. 

Even Cruz’s formerly die-hard supporters were disgusted by the petulance he exhibited.  It’s hard to see what future Cruz has outside of Texas after such boorish use of his time.  John Sununu, the former Chief of Staff under George H.W. Bush, didn’t hesitate in calling him “a horse’s ass.”   Other influential backers of Cruz that included Gary Bauer and Tony Perkins said they were “extremely disappointed.”

Cruz didn’t have to hug Trump but he could’ve acknowledged the sharp elbows contest as a thing of the past as Marco Rubio did and asked for unity in the Republican Party’s battle to defeat Hillary Clinton. 

Neither did Cruz didn’t have to endorse Donald Trump.  But, when he told people to “vote their conscience,” he could’ve reminded them that the woman about to officially become the Democratic nominee for president has no conscience.    

Instead, Cruz behaved like a crybaby. 

Absent from his speech was any mention of the Supreme Court nominations to come in the next four years that he had rightfully made a centerpiece of his campaign. 

Absent from his speech was any concern for the over 5,000 bureaucratic appointments that the next president will be charged with making and that shape the way the institutions of government go about making and enforcing rules that determine our freedoms on a daily and individual basis as much any laws that Congress passes.

Absent from his speech was his prosecutor’s attention to detail why Hillary Clinton must never be given control over classified information again.  Or, why her track record demands that she never be in charge of the military.  Or, the she cannot be trusted to have oversight over our country’s assets because history tells us she has a history of “selling” those assets for her personal enrichment.

Absent from his speech was any concern for the families of the struggling workers barely eking out an existence in fly-over country due to big government, unfettered immigration, and the globalist trade deals that she has so stridently and aggressively supported.

So Cruz took his ball and went home.  Hopefully the good people of Texas can find an equally conservative legislator to take his place when his term is up, one with the proper temperament and humility to play nice with their peers.  After last night’s disturbing performance, Cruz left no doubt in anyone’s mind that he lacks the judgment and humility to be president.

Cruz proved last night that the American people were right about him.  Good riddance.