TDS: Hate America First Libs Blame Trump For Iranian Shootdown of Passenger Plane

Liberal/Progressive leadership would blame President Trump for starting the wars in the Mideast if they could.  

The only thing stopping them is the fact that ample videos exist that prove Trump was against military intervention, both, when the decision was made by George W. Bush and when he campaigned against our involvement in 2016.

So they settle for blaming him for anything and everything that happens there.  

Order troop withdrawals?  He’s putting our allies at risk!  The terrorists will have won!

Send troops to bolster the protection of those who are already in the Mideast?  He’s putting more Americans at risk!

Kill a terrorist who was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans and the maiming of tens of thousands of other Americans?  And, the deaths of at least 100,000 more innocents across the Mideast? Now he’s really made the mullahs angry.

Leave the terrorists in place and bring our troops home?  Trump is abandoning the poor people of the Mideast.

For Trump’s political opponents, successfully selling this line of… bunk would be impossible, if the media reported the gross hypocrisy of their positions.  

Because that doesn’t serve the anti-Trump agenda of their political allies, they report negatively on everything President Trump does.

Media mischaracterization and misrepresentation emboldens his political enemies to keep pushing the limits of Trump Derangement Syndrome knowing there’s a segment of voters who believe everything they say.

(Breitbart) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hinted on Thursday that the United States and Trump administration, specifically, could be partially responsible for the crashed Ukrainian plane that U.S. officials reportedly suspect an Iranian missile took down.

After embracing former President Barack Obama’s use of hundreds, if not thousands, of drone strikes to kill not just terrorists but American citizens, Liberals and Progressives have now done a complete about face and embrace the Chicken Little theory of Mideast diplomacy solely because Donald Trump is the president.

Seven dead terrorists with no collateral damage and the disloyal opposition is trashing President Trump.  What’s their reason for being there, again? Weren’t they crowing, just a few months back, that we need to kill them there, before the kill us here?

The impotent attack on our bases in Iraq that Iran conducted last night, proved just how weak the Iranian military actually is.

Reportedly, Iran launched 15 missiles at two bases occupied by U.S. troops.  They all missed their targets. Either their missile technology is wholly unreliable or they were programmed to deliberately miss causing any damage.

In either circumstance, beyond their bluster, Iran wants no part of war with the U.S.

Chicken Little Progressives, notwithstanding.