Suicide Spark New Looting in Minneapolis… Three Months After Rioting First Broke Out Mayor and Governor Finally Call in the Guard…

Apparently it matters little to the “peaceful protesters” what reason they can use to justify a night of property damage and looting.  As long as they believe there will be no consequences for their illegal actions. 

A suspected murderer fatally shot himself Wednesday as Minneapolis police were moving in to arrest him.  The suspect is believed to have shot and killed a man hours earlier.

As soon as the left’s rapid response riot squad heard the news they sprung into action, smashing store fronts looting the downtown area.

Minneapolis police spokesman John Elder told reporter that the suicide victim was with a female in a parking garage around 2 p.m. when they  they encountered another man who they got into a confrontation with and which apparently triggered the suspect to fatally shoot the man.

According to police spokesman Elder, the couple fled the garage on foot.  The woman was taken into custody by police a short time later. 

Authorities later identified the suspect just after 6 p.m. in the Nicollet Mall area, a shopping and dining district in the downtown area.  Elder said; 

“As officers approached, he produced a handgun and shot himself.”

Police Chief Medaria Arradondo confirmed that it was a suicide and that his officers were not involved in the suspect’s death, saying it was not officer-related.

Regardless… the murder-suicide of, and by, two private citizens was enough to send leftist riot squads into action well after the facts had been given to the public.

Seems the local media at the Minnesota Star Tribune… the same paper that refuses to hold Congresswoman Ilhan Omar accountable for fraud… tried tamping down the report as best they could.  Thanks to citizen journalists, they couldn’t…

Finally, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and Minnesota Governor Tim Walz decided on the same course of action that President Trump advocated over three months ago when the riots… property damage, looting, and arson… first began following George Floyd’s death.

Mayor Frey imposed an immediate curfew and requested assistance from the National Guard while begging everyone to return to their homes during a news conference. 

Gov. Walz declared an emergency Wednesday night and mobilized the National Guard and 150 Minnesota State Patrol troopers to assist local law enforcement.

After more than a half-a-billion dollars in property destruction, liberal leadership finally sees the light.  Now that President Trump has let them know there will be no bailouts for the malfeasance and misfeasance they’ve displayed in addressing the lawlessness from the beginning.

This was predictable.  Every level of law enforcement will tell you that unpunished criminal activity only emboldens the perpetrators and results in ever-increasing and recurring crimes. 

Perhaps the governor and mayor’s decision was even more predictable once polls showed Joe Biden’s double digit lead had evaporated and he was now in a statistical dead heat with Donald Trump.

Yeah, it appears that Dems’ played the race card a tad too long.  People may crave equality, but they crave their safety and convenience even more.