Striking Contrast: Trump Continues Winning For America While Dems Spend the Week Parading Disgruntled Bureaucrats Across Your TV Screen

This past week marked a striking contrast between the priorities of Democrats and the rest of Americans.

Donald Trump made promises during his campaign that, as president, he has been working hard to keep. 

That, in and of itself, is unheard of among career politicians.  We can only conclude that is behind the effort to destroy his presidency.

So, while the Democrats are holding sham impeachment hearings, under rules that would make Joseph Stalin blanch…

… President Trump’s successful policies were continuing to bear fruit.

The stock markets – all three indices – finished the week at new all-time highs.  This is great news for continued job creation. That’s equally great news for anyone with a retirement account.

Employment is at an all-time high and the jobs forecast remains positive with one million more job openings than job seekers.

If you want a job you can find a job.

Meanwhile, Democrats were asking Obama’s former Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch how she felt about a phone call that she had been told about by one or more other disgruntled employees who also weren’t on the call.  How she felt!

Americans didn’t vote for President Trump because he promised to keep government bureaucrats happy.  Actually, the opposite is true.  

Despite the Democrats’ ‘Schiff show’ going on down the street, President Trump continued chalking up wins for everyday Americans when he announced a new healthcare price initiative that requires price transparency for healthcare services.

The effect of upfront pricing is intended to force companies to compete for your business.  Soon to be gone are tiered pricing based on those who are insured and those who aren’t.

President Trump: Our goal was to give patients the knowledge they need about the real price of healthcare services. They’ll be able to check them, compare them, go to different locations, so they can shop for the highest-quality care at the lowest cost. And this is about high-quality care. You’re also looking at that. 

You’re looking at comparisons between talents, which is very important. And then, you’re also looking at cost. And, in some cases, you get the best doctor for the lowest cost. That’s a — that’s a good thing.

Today, I’m proud to announce two new actions implementing that order. 

First, we are finalizing a rule that will compel hospitals to publish prices publicly online for everyone to see and to compare. So you’re able to go online and compare all of the hospitals and the doctors and the prices, and, I assume, get résumés on doctors and see who you like.

Second, we’re putting forward a proposed rule to require health insurance providers to disclose their pricing information to consumers. We’re giving American families control of their healthcare decisions. And the freedom to choose that care is right before them on the Internet and elsewhere, but on the Internet. Very, very open. Very transparent. That’s why it’s called transparency.

Imagine that, unleashing free market capitalism to lower prices

As for the hurt feelings of career leeches George Kent, William Taylor, and Marie Yovanovitch, they need to get over themselves.

Democrats didn’t give a damn about the feelings of hundreds of thousands of families that were destroyed by their policies that shipped our jobs overseas or that imported cheaper workers to displace them here at home.

Dems can complain about the hurt feelings of their precious bureaucrats all they want.  All it does is confirm that my vote for Donald J. Trump wasn’t wasted.