It’s Starting: Globalist Movement is Crumbling – Germany Erupts in Protests Over Immigration

ELDER PATRIOT – Tens of thousands of Germans have taken to the streets in protest rallies across the entirety of their country today demanding Chancellor Angela Merkel resign.

In the wake of ever increasing refugee violence aimed at Germany’s citizens over the past year the German people have finally said, “Enough!”  This week alone Muslim refugees committed at least 3 deadly attacks while screaming “Allahu Akbar” leaving no doubt as to the radicalized beliefs they brought with them Germany when they crossed into the country.

Merkel is finding herself increasingly isolated as one key political ally after another have begun withdrawing their support for her unfettered immigration policies.  And, social media has been trending with “Merkel must go” all day including posts depicting her splattered with blood and wearing a burka.



Eighty-three percent of Germans now oppose Merkel’s reckless immigration program because of the migrant Muslim’s tendency for rape and murder inspired in deference to their God.  Their growing wave of violence had turned the German people into a powder keg just waiting to explode.

Merkel’s callous disregard for the safety of Germany’s woman was exhibited when she refused to take any action against the perpetrators of at least 1,000 molestations that took place on New Years Eve.  Police were ordered to turn a blind eye while Merkel’s reaction was to admonish the victims for their attire and to advice them to dress more modestly.

Merkel has refused to slow immigration numbers even as Germany has absorbed over 1.1 million Middle Eastern migrants to date and they have shown very little desire to assimilate choosing to live in no-go zones instead.

The wrath directed at Merkel is of her own making and has been born of her strident decision to put the interests of un-vetted foreigners ahead of the interests of her German citizens.

This comes on the heels of France’s top security official, Patrick Calvar, warning that his country is “on the verge of a civil war” following the slaughter of 84 people celebrating Bastille Day.  That culminated a wave of horrific terror attacks over the past year that have left hundreds dead and many more hundreds injured.  All have been senseless victims of an irresponsible refugee program bordering on a suicide/murder pact.

Are you listening Hillary?