Special Counsel Mueller’s Yearlong Investigation Crumbling Following Judges’ Rulings

Elder Patriot – First, special counsel Robert Mueller indicted a group of Russian individuals and three Russian companies on the belief that they would never show up to defend themselves.  Mueller advances the narrative for media – where the whole anti-Trump narrative lives – but he never has to make any proofs because… well, because he has no proofs to make.

Unfortunately for Mueller, and for those swamp monkeys he was appointed to protect, the Russians did show up in court.  They asked for a speedy trial forcing Mueller to ask the judge to deny their request. The judge told Mueller he shouldn’t have brought the indictment if he wasn’t prepared to proceed.

Then, the Russian’s attorneys asked to see the evidence against them, as is their right as they prepare a defense.  Oops. Mueller asked the judge to deny their request suggesting he had nothing of substance to turn over.

In early April, Mueller’s case against Paul Manafort, as specious as it already was, hit another roadblock.   

U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson ordered that Mueller must identify the unnamed individuals in the indictment of Manafort and his former aide Konstantin Kilimnik.  

Jackson ruled in favor of Manafort after his lawyers argued that the identities of these unnamed individuals was essential to their preparations in a complex case that is scheduled for trial on September 17th:

“While the government may be correct that the law does not necessarily require the Court to order the requested disclosure, the Court has broad discretion to resolve a motion for a bill of particulars after weighing the parties’ interests, and here, defendant is obliged to prepare for a complex trial with a voluminous record within a relatively short period of time, and he should not have to be surprised at a later point by the addition of a new name or allegation.”

It would appear that this ruling limits Mueller’s case to the evidence he is already in possession of or that he has already shared with the court.  

This all comes on the heels of Judge T.S. Ellis’ upbraiding of Mueller last month for prosecutorial overreach in another case he brought against Manafort, this time in Virginia:

“I don’t see what relationship this indictment has with anything the special counsel is authorized to investigate.”

At that time Ellis expressed the concern that Mueller was more intent on “flipping” Manafort to gain evidence against President Trump than for anything Manafort may or may not have done.

It’s beginning to look like we were right all along, Mueller was a hired gun appointed to take down our duly elected president without evidence of any underlying crime.  

Imagine that, Democrats bearing false witness against their political foes when all else fails.