Spawn of Satan Speaks: Chelsea Clinton Says Trump ‘Degrades What it Means to be American’

Elder Patriot – As Donald Trump works tirelessly to return pride, prosperity, and God to America – things that Bill and Hillary did their best to destroy – Chelsea Clinton found it necessary to attack Donald Trump during an interview with the British newspaper, the Guardian.  In the process she disparaged his growing legion of supporters and showed herself to be arrogantly uninformed.

There was a time when politics stopped at the water’s edge but Satan himself, ex-President Obama ignored that and often spewed his vitriolic disgust for America wherever and whenever he travelled abroad.

Now the daughter of “Deplorable” Hillary Clinton has the temerity to announce to the foreign press that “Trump degrades what it means to be an American?”

Seriously, Chelsea?  Your dad turned the Oval Office into a cheap brothel even having sex with a young intern and that pretty much ruined her life.  Earlier this year the Guardian spoke with that intern, Monica Lewinsky and ran this headline afterwards:

Monica was barely older than you at the time.  She came to the White House with hopes for a better future as a result of her time spent there.  Is this what being an American means to you?

Dad’s ties to convicted sex offender and pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein have been fairly well documented as well.

Now Chelsea, if it’s possible, your mom is even more despicable than your dad, having protected pedophiles and human traffickers at the State Department and in Haiti.  And, God knows where else.  And those brave men at Benghazi whose lives were ended prematurely because of your mother.  

Hey Chelsea, haven’t you ever hear the saying “Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt?”  You are your mother’s daughter for sure.