ELDER PATRIOT – George Soros’s net worth is estimated to be $25 Billion.  He has amassed that incredible wealth by running a hedge fund that has experienced a remarkable string of winning investments.  How has he done this?

Soros has a history of using his wealth to fund government upheaval to benefit his global money management fund that makes or loses money based on its successful predictions of the changing values of national currencies.  When you control the outcome of major geopolitical events there is little guesswork to your investments.

Soros has bet against the long-term financial condition on the United States and has been working actively to undermine our republic.  Having bet against the U.S. dollar when he thought Hillary Clinton was going to be elected president he has been forced to resort to Plan B – destroying the presidency of Donald Trump before Trump has a chance to put his pro-growth agenda in place.

Those with knowledge of how Soros operates and who were willing to acknowledge his involvement in attempting to corrupt the outcome of our election through violence and voter and election fraud have been aware of this nefarious megalomaniac for some time.  Unfortunately, those who rely only on the mainstream corporate media for their news have been subjected to a blackout on any reporting about Soros’ illegal behavior.

Now, however, proof is showing up in classified ads and elsewhere from a few patriots who have begun following the operations he is funding.


There are also these pictures taken by an aspiring investigative journalist in Austin, Texas that show a Soros-funded bus caravan transporting busload after busload of illegal immigrants who were being paid to protest against president-elect Donald Trump:

IMG_2729 bus-protests-3-696x522 bus-protest-696x522 bus-protests-2-696x522

Soros has met his match by being dumb enough to bet against America’s great patriots.  The diabolical billionaire will soon suffer his greatest defeat at the hands of Americans.  Adolph Hitler, Hirohito, and now George Soros, when will the megalomaniacal psychopaths who seek world domination finally realize that you don’t f*ck with the USA?