Snowflake Fail: Yale Grads Hold a Hunger Strike That Isn’t

ELDER PATRIOT – The great fear that people of my generation has is that the Millennial generation lacks the courage to defend their convictions, as falsely placed as they are.  Their Marxist/Globalist views represent the worst that America has ever had to offer but what’s worse is their belief that symbolism outweighs action.

This is playing out at that bastion of progressive ideology, Yale University in Connecticut.

Believe me, what you are about to read is 100% true.

A group of Yale University graduate students will be participating in a hunger strike in an effort to pressure the administration into granting them better union benefits.  Yes, union benefits!

Somehow these self-entitled snowflakes who are currently earning a stipend of $30,000 a year, are receiving free health care, and have their $40,000 tuition paid in full, deserve more.  They have not explained exactly what they’re contributing to the economy to deserve even their current level of compensation.

I’m sure, by this time, you’re wondering why they’re even getting that.  After all, the reason they’re in school, one assumes, is to better their career opportunities.  Why should some factory worker in Michigan or dairy farmer in Wisconsin wind up paying for that?

Oh, wait, there’s one more detail that you need to know.  The hunger strike is only “symbolic.”  The brave organizers decided to allow anyone joining their protest to leave and get food.  You know, when you’re being paid $70,000 to go to school that’s a terrible injustice, especially when you take into account that the median household income in America is around $55,000.

Uh, yeah that’s as close to a major commitment that these selfish, bloviating self-absorbed punks can make,

All of this left Geraldo Rivera, a liberal with a brain, claiming: “Political correctness and the symbolic hunger strike — this particular example of this symbolic hunger strike is everything wrong with the millennial generation’s activism. It’s activism without any cost. It’s activism without any sacrifice. It’s activism without a price.”

A hunger strike without missing a meal, now that’s a commitment.

God help us.