SNL Writer Katie Rich Makes a Complete Ass of Herself And Exposes The Entire Left With 8 Words

ELDER PATRIOT – Leftists are in such a state of emotional meltdown that they no longer realize how illogical, stupid, and mean-spirited they have become.  If they keep this up Trump will win re-election in a record landslide.

Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich just couldn’t stop herself from tweeting the following message proving that she is incapable of filtering her thoughts or, worse, that she is a mean-spirited bitch.

“Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter.”

Barron is 10 years old and attends Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in New York City but that didn’t stop Rich from proving that no one, no matter how young they may be, is off-limits to vicious treatment from left-wing radicals, even when they have done nothing more than show up when his daddy gets inaugurated as president.

Barron made no comments to the media that they could use as fodder against him.  He just showed up as any young boy or girl would to celebrate daddy’s new position.

With only eight words Rich makes it abundantly clear that she is a vicious scumbag.

But those eight words also revealed a lack of critical thinking by Rich because those words inadvertently acknowledged that all previous shooters were products of our public schools that have been systematically turned into liberal propaganda indoctrination centers.

Thanks Katie, because of cruel idiots like you and Rosie O’Donnell (who previously took a public swipe at Barron) you’ve driven even more people away from your sick left-wing agenda.

Your claims that you care about our children have been exposed as a complete sham.  Your claim that compassion is what drives your political ideology has also been shown to be a lie.

Thanks, Katie.  And, thank you President Donald Trump for having the courage to force these fascists to show us all who they really are.