Sixty-Three House Democrats Declare Their Independence From The Hard Left

ELDER PATRIOT – Nancy Pelosi has been re-elected by House Democrats to be their leader, a position that she has occupied since 2002.  While that sounds like the resume for a solidly entrenched leader of the opposition party the truth is she’s weaker than at any time in the past.

Sixty-three forward thinking Democrats have looked to the future and realize that under Pelosi’s leadership their party is heading over a cliff.  The vote was held by secret ballot so we can’t be sure who voted against Pelosi but it is likely that those congressmen who voted against Pelosi have a pedigree that’s similar to Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan who had opposed her re-election.

Ryan is a mid-westerner who recognizes the need to rebuild ties to the disenfranchised rust belt voters that have been left behind by globalization.  The

Ohio congressman had put his neck on the line by running to unseat the vindictive Pelosi. 

The question those who voted for Pelosi have to answer is where does Pelosi now turn to expand the Democrats’ ranks.  Under her leadership the party has been marginalized to representing urban voters only.  By voting for the status quo this portends even more losses in mid-western states as Donald Trump makes good on his campaign promises to return jobs and personal pride to that region.

The men and women who voted for Ryan signaled their intention to help their party – and themselves – survive.  This must be music to Donald Trump’s ears.  Trump has enough Republican votes to pass any of his initiatives but many of these 63 Democrat dissenters present him with a chance to garner serious bi-partisan support something that every politician desires.

With Democrats defending 25 of the 33 Senate seats up for grabs in two short years a number of them should be equally motivated to vote for their own survival rather than toe the hard left party line.

As well, of those 25 Democratic Senators up for re-election in 2018 eleven represent states that Trump won.  Trump needs only 9 Democrats to cross party lines to give him the sixty votes necessary to break the Senate’s filibuster rule.

Those who think Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi still have the control over their caucuses that they once did are mistaken.  Donald Trump will arrive in Washington with a mandate from the voters, and politicians who put their self-preservation ahead of every other consideration, are well aware of this.

All of this means that Donald Trump is well-positioned to Make America Great Again.