Shut it Down: Mueller & Media Relying on Liars to Destroy Trump and Those Around Him

Elder Patriot – Clinton sycophant Lanny Davis is an admitted liar.  Veteran observers grew tired of his excuses for the Clintons’ wrongdoing but this time he’s really stepped over the line.  And, he’s taking the venerated Carl Bernstein and Fake News CNN down with him.

It’s one thing to have political preferences but it’s entirely another to spend what credibility you have spreading lies to destroy another human being and those who supported him.

Davis and Bernstein did exactly that and CNN committed serious journalistic and ethical violations by backing their play to the hilt.

In July, Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame, former Obama official Jim Sciutto, and CNN researcher Marshall Cohen, citing unnamed sources reported that President Trump’s longtime personal attorney, Michael Cohen was prepared to flip on the president.

Davis admits to being one CNN source for the story that his client Michael Cohen was prepared  to testify that President Trump knew in advance of the Trump Tower meeting in the summer of 2016 between several senior Trump officials and a Russian attorney with Kremlin links.

That formed the basis of a nearly month-long impeachment narrative based on the fact that President Trump had previously denied advance knowledge of the meeting.  It’s hard to see how that would rise to the level of an impeachable offense but catching a president in a lie is never a good thing.

Only one minor detail, Davis was lying.  Or misremembering. Or… Davis just undercut CNN’s month long screed by now claiming his client has no proof that President Trump knew of the meeting in advance and neither did he.

This is where it gets dicey for Bernstein, Sciutto, Marshall Cohen and CNN.

Davis has admitted that he was a source for the original CNN story.  Who were their other sources?

Michael Cohen had already given sworn testimony to congress last year that he didn’t know whether then-candidate Donald Trump had foreknowledge of the 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russians.

Proper journalistic standards require a minimum of two sources to corroborate reporting, especially such a hot topic as impeachment.  This is not a game.

Bernstein, Sciutto, Marshall Cohen and CNN cannot name, or are refusing to name. another source even though they cited “sources” in their original article.

That leaves Lanny Davis as their only source and he just recanted all of it.  Call it what you want, misrepresented or lied, unless CNN produces witnesses or evidence that no one has seen before, they had no basis for savaging President Trump and yet they did without end.

And yet, CNN refuses to recant the story.

Glenn Greenwald writing for sums up CNN’s problem with the truth:

Only one of two things can be true here, and either is extremely significant: (1) CNN deliberately lied to its audience about Davis refusing to comment on the story when, in fact, Davis was one of the anonymous sources on which the CNN report depended, and CNN claimed Davis refused to comment in order to hide Davis’ identity as one of their anonymous sources; or (2) Davis is lying now to BuzzFeed when he confessed to having been one of CNN’s sources for the story.

CNN, has maintained a zone of silence around their headquarters since Davis cleared up “any misconceptions.”  CNN’s on-air personalities, hosts, pundits, and “experts” are refusing to answer any questions about the credibility hole they have dug for themselves.

This is more the reaction of a propaganda machine caught peddling lies than the reaction of a legitimate news outlet efforting to correct a very serious mistake.

That their target is the duly elected president of the United States is criminal and should scare everyone who is not as powerful as, and who lacks the resources the president has with which to defend himself.

No wonder special counsel Robert Mueller shipped the Michael Cohen prosecution to New York.  At this point it can only tarnish his investigation and it appears that he wants no part of it.  If Mueller had a second or third source you can bet that his team of leakers would’ve bailed CNN out and given them their names.

No, this has always been a witch-hunt and nothing Mueller has discovered in the 15 months he has been investigating has changed that.

It’s time to shut it down.