Shockingly Sad: Brainwashed College Students Trash Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas

As you prepare to welcome your college age children home for Thanksgiving you should be aware that they’ve been taught to hate everything about the holiday you’ll be celebrating tomorrow.  

The College Fix traveled to Minnesota’s Macalester College, a Christian school, to ask students whether they’d be celebrating Thanksgiving or merely showing up to grub a meal off of mom and dad.

To parents who have, or will pay upwards of $225,000 to send their children to Macalester for a four year degree, try not to cry when you watch this video:

It’s clear they’ve been brainwashed into rejecting everything about our heritage.  Rejecting doesn’t even come close to describing what they feel. Try loathing.

Macalester isn’t alone when it comes to its students loathing America.  It’s part of their indoctrination into being good little subservient globalist adherents.

Students at Oberlin College in Ohio erected a memorial last week commemorating the death of multiple Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad is an Iranian-backed terrorist organization that is blacklisted by the United States, European Union, and others.

This was just the latest incident at Oberlin where, earlier this year, the administration’s deliberate misfeasance in charging Gibson’s Bakery with a pattern of racist behaviour resulted in a $44 million liable judgement against the college.

Parents of the students who caused the ruckus at Gibson’s in the first place, are on the hook to Oberlin for more than Macalester charges to brainwash their children.

These kids will eventually learn you can’t blame racism and capitalism and be taken seriously by real adults.  Unfortunately, it will take years in the real world before they realize:

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.