Shocking Video of Mexican Military Clashing With African Migrants Trying to Enter the U.S. Illegally

(Quartz Africa) in recent weeks, they’ve noticed a rising trend: more Africans are joining Central Americans in attempting to enter the US through its southwest border…

… These new arrivals hail from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola—two countries with no strong historic ties to the United States.

Elder Patriot – Now, thanks to Voice of America, a shocking video has surfaced of these migrants violently clashing with Mexican military police outside an immigration center in Tapachula, Mexico.

Arguments that these indigent migrants were willing to walk 2-3,000 miles to risk entering the United States illegally do not will suffice.  It shouldn’t take a genius to realize that they needed help crossing an expansive ocean.

CTH did a deep dive into the business end of illegal immigration in the summer of 2014.  

The amount of money the federal government earmarks to provide housing, clothing, food, and other essentials is big business with your tax dollars making it worth the cost to the participating companies of paying to import migrants into the system.

VOA News: Military police officers clash with migrants from Africa, Haiti and other countries during a protest in front of an immigration center in Tapachula, Mexico, demanding free transit through the country to reach the United States, Tuesday, August 27.  (AFP)

Great policy, don’t ya think?  And your kids get to worry about how to pay for all of it.