Shocking Proof This is a Gun Grab? Everything Was In Place to Prevent Marjory Stoneman Douglas Massacre

Elder Patriot – Why are the FBI and local police getting a pass for their epic failure to intervene before Nikolas Cruz went on a shooting rampage at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School?

The FBI was presented evidence of Cruz’s plans on three separate occasions.  The local police had been called to Cruz’s home more than 40 times.  What more do they need than this to get a warrant to investigate Cruz further?  A dossier, perhaps?  One that a detective could’ve written in a few hours with all of the evidence that was available to them on the web.

Instead, they did nothing.  Even Deputy Scott Peterson who was on duty at the high school stood down and remained outside when Cruz started shooting.

The events in Parkland, a wealthy, mostly white community, could’ve and should’ve been prevented.

So why haven’t the students and parents focused their anger and frustration on the system that failed them?  Why are they instead determined to carve away at our Second Amendment rights?

It’s likely that Parkland had been chosen as the next ground zero for the assault on the Second Amendment precisely because of the fact that it is 63% white and the median household income is almost three times the rest of Florida. 

The argument goes like this: If it can happen here it can happen anywhere.

Except their argument falls flat when logic is applied as it was last night at CPAC where Sean Hannity hosted a debate between Dana Loesch, Katie Pavelich, Dan Bongino, and Geraldo Rivera.

The best Geraldo could come up with in response to these questions was “we have to do something.”

  • Cruz wasn’t a high school “boy.”  He’s a 19-year old man.
  • How can we arm 18-year olds with similar or even more potent weapons and dispatch them overseas and then when they get home tell them we don’t trust them to possess similar weapons on our soil.
  • When you outlaw guns the only people who will have them are outlaws.

Geraldo did what leftists always do, he reverted to emotion, “I had dinner with the president at Mar-a-Lago and yada, yada, yada…  We have to do something.”

It’s as though if Donald Trump speaks Geraldo considers it the word of God… but only in this instance.  How about we hold you to that standard in the future Geraldo?

Before you chip away at the Second Amendment rights of gun owners how about we ask these precious little darlings to surrender a bit of their Constitutionally protected privacy first.  That would include:

  • The hiring of a full-time counselor at every school who is given full-access to every student’s social media accounts and who is trained to assess the threat level of each.
  • Unannounced Locker searches.
  • Twice-daily sweeps through the school locker areas with a bomb and drug-sniffing dog.
  • Full access to their medical records to determine if an underlying psychological condition would render any student predisposed to violence.
  • Any student on SSRI’s must be subject to a weekly psychological exam by a trained medical professional to assess their mental condition.

Welcome to the party, you ignorant children.