SHOCKING NEWS FROM THE SWAMP: Trillions of Taxpayers Dollars Unaccounted For – Trump Defends Taxpayers – Announces Audit of Pentagon

Elder Patriot – Thank God for the disruptive outsider – President Trump.

It’s no secret that government spending is out of control.  How out of control it is may finally come to light as President Trump’s battle for tax cuts is being opposed by the elected agents of the Deep State claiming those tax cuts will cause new debt.

As an outsider who virtually self-financed his political campaign, President Trump owes nothing to those using our government to fleece the American taxpayer.  In fact he was elected because he promised to put an end to this criminal activity.

Now, President Trump and Defense Secretary James Mattis have announced they will be conducting an audit of the Defense Department.

Decades of waste and overpayments have obscured trillions of dollars in missing and improperly accounted for taxpayer funds.  Things are so bad at the Pentagon that they have lost track of 44,000 soldiers!

The audit will be a massive undertaking requiring 2,400 auditors.  Trump has demanded that those 2,400 forensic accountants come from a spectrum of independent public accounting firms.  In other words outsiders like he is.  This means there will be little chance to sugarcoat the findings or to sweep shocking findings under the rug.

We’ve all known for a long time that malfeasance and corruption run rampant at every level of government.  And, the bigger government gets the worse the malfeasance and corruption grows.  For greedy big government politicians and their donors that is by design.

Tyler Durden writing for Zero Hedge provides a chronology for what triggered President Trump’s decision:

  • In the 80’s we were shocked by a “bombshell” report on overpayments the Pentagon made for simple items, such as $37 screws, $7,622 coffee makers, and $640 toilet seats.  The amounts of those overpayments are so egregious that malfeasance could not be used as an excuse.  It was just the beginning of massive fraud on a level that has grown to the point where it now threatens our entire economy.
  • Franklin C. Spinney was a civilian military analyst working at the Pentagon who charged the Pentagon with the reckless pursuit of complex and expensive weapons systems without regard for cost and those purchases led to massive budgetary shortfalls.

Spinney’s superiors tried to silence him but the Senate Budget Committee on Defense held a hearing on his report.  The hearing was scheduled at a time and date so as to go unnoticed.  Following a period of limited blowback the taxpayer fleecing began in earnest.

  • Durden recounted, “On September 10th, 2001, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced that “According to some estimates we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions,” after a Pentagon whistleblower set off a probe. A day later, the September 11th attacks happened and the accounting scandal was quickly forgotten.”
  • The feeding frenzy was exposed again in 2015 when the Pentagon was found to have spent $125 billion on bloated employee counts for noncombat related work such as human resources, finance, health care management and property management.

As we continually learn, corruption breeds corruption.  And, the Pentagon was no exception.

  • “A DoD Inspector General’s report from 2016 – which appears to be unavailable on the DoD website (but fortunately WAS archived)- found that in 2015 alone a staggering $6.5 trillion in funds was unaccounted for out of the Army’s budget, with $2.8 trillion in “wrongful adjustments” occurring in just one quarter.”

The ramifications of all of this aren’t simply limited to the wasted taxpayer dollars by Pentagon officials, though that by itself that has been bad enough.  The only objection to President Trump’s efforts to return that money to taxpayers is that it will add to the debt. 

Seriously?  The fact is they are simply trying to keep their gravy train going as long as possible.

When the full extent of the taxpayer defrauding is fully known – if it ever is – the American people will raise holy hell over the debt the establishment politicians and their corporate donors have burdened their children with.

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