SHOCKING: Multiple Sources Say Rosenstein Threatened Nunes and GOP Members on Intel Committee

Elder Patriot – In what is a bombshell revelation Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett shared the shocking account of threats leveled by Rod Rosenstein with Sean Hannity’s audience on Friday.

Jarrett confirmed through multiple sources that Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein – the top official overseeing the Mueller probe – had threatened the Republicans on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence if they continued to exercise their Constitutional obligation to provide oversight of Justice Department:

“ I can tell you a congressional source tells me that Rod Rosenstein in a meeting three weeks ago threatened Chairman Nunes and members of Congress he was going to subpoena their texts and messages because he was tired of dealing with the intel committee. That’s threats and intimidation in retaliation.”

The next morning Jarrett tweeted Rosenstein’s threat constituted a violation of 18 USC 242 among other statutes governing official misconduct:

Fiften minutes later Jarrett called for Rosenstein’s ouster if the accusation was true:

Jarrett had successfully shaken the tree so that before noon he tweeted that a second source confirmed that Rosenstein had indeed threatened Nunes et al:

This signals an abuse of power that transcends any crimes committed during the Watergate scandal.  In Watergate the wrongdoing was limited to the White House staff assembled to protect Nixon. 

The blatant corruption that had taken place at the absolute highest levels of the DOJ and the FBI takes this to a completely different level – one that threatens the entire system of checks and balances that protects our entire Constitutional republic.