ELDER PATRIOT – A new USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times Poll shows Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton in the race for president by two points.

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Significantly, this is not simply a single skewed result.  It’s consistent with the direction both candidates support has been trending since August 14th.  On that day Mrs. Clinton enjoyed a lead of 4.7 points.  The next night Donald Trump gave what was the first of three policy speeches this week.  He also avoided making controversial statements.

The 6.7-point swing in less than a week has the Clinton camp in panic mode because it shows just how soft support for is. 

Mrs. Clinton’s entire campaign has been built on convincing voters that Donald Trump is more unfit to be president than she is and all it took was a few days of Trump avoiding controversy and telling Americans what his plan for their country is.

The poll shows Trump leading Clinton among every age group:

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Even more bad news for Team Clinton is that her much ballyhooed gender gap advantage not only is gone, it now favors Trump by 4.4 points and it has been growing as the reality is sinking in that while Donald Trump may suffer from impoliteness he does have a Reaganesque vision for America, and Mrs. Clinton lacks the integrity expected of our presidents.

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Trump is also tied or exceeding Mitt Romney’s 2012 electoral support in every racial demographic.  Romney won white voters by 20 points, the same margin Trump currently enjoys, but Trump currently has more than double Romney’s support from the black community and it has been growing as his message of inclusiveness is getting through and the charge of Trump being

“racist” is beginning to be proven a lie.

America’s largest minority, Hispanics, now support Trump by 9.5 points more than they supported Romney in 2012 and, again, the trend continues in Trump’s favor.  This will only grow larger as Hispanics continue to realize that they came to the United States to escape the third world conditions that Clinton’s open border policies is creating here.

The Clinton campaign is in full panic mode as they are coming to realize that Trump’s support is real and it is growing.  Hundreds of millions of dollars have already been spent against Trump trying to convince the electorate that he’s homophobic, misogynistic, xenophobic and racist but the charges are beginning to lose their bite. 

The Clinton plan was to spend up to $2 billion dollars on media advertising hammering this message until the election.  Now, with the most ethically flawed and most unaccomplished candidate in the history of American presidential campaigns they have no Pan B.