She Was Mugged While Visiting Her Husband’s Grave. But It’s What Happened Next That Gave Me Chills

VIA| After more than 60-years of marriage, Tona Herdon, 78, lost her husband. The world as she knew it shattered. His tragic passing brought so much grief to Tona that her world was turned upside down.

Just two weeks after he breathed his last breath, Tona paid a visit to her husband’s grave to remember the joyful life they had shared together. But then an unthinkable crime happened and left her even more grief stricken and a nation enraged.

While standing above her husband’s grave in tears, Tona was mugged. The male assailant ran away with her purse and $700.

The community was outraged by this act and news quickly spread. The man was finally caught and because of his atrocious crime, his mugshot was put on TV.

When 15-year-old Chrstian Lunsford saw the news segment he felt a weight drop in the pit of his stomach. He realized that terrible man was none other than his estranged father. His parents divorced when he was two and had hardly heard from him since.

But two weeks before he had seen his dad. At the time the man gave his son $250 for a band trip the teen had been looking forward to for months.

So when the boy realized what crime his father had committed, he reached out to Tona and asked if she would meet him in a local church parking lot. He apologized for his father’s crime and then gave her the $250 for his band trip because he wasn’t sure if the money came from her or not.

She accepted his money. But what she did next blew everyone’s mind. She gifted him the $250 for his band trip. Good triumphs over evil.