“Shattered” Reveals The Truth About Clinton’s Crushing Defeat – It Isn’t What You’ve Been Told

ELDER PATRIOT – In their new book political reporters Jonathon Allen and Amie Parns make a shocking revelation about the American electorate.  All of the stories that Hillary Clinton lost because her campaign team didn’t get out the vote were lies.

The voter turnout in Florida illustrates this point.  More Sunshine State voters turned out for Hillary than had for any previous candidate of either party.  Turning out her base wasn’t the reason that she lost.

The facts tell a different story.  While Hillary was getting an extra 3,000 votes here and there, turnout for Donald Trump wasn’t just big, it was unreal!  Trump was outrunning Mitt Romney’s vote totals all over the state and by huge amounts. 

Trump came in with 25,000 more votes in rural Polk County that sits in the middle of the state between Tamp and Orlando.  In Pasco County, the suburbs north of Tampa-St. Petersburg, Trump outran Romney by 30,000 votes.

The takeaway?  The massive turnouts at Donald Trump’s rallies were true indicators of his popularity.  The fake polls had been manipulated to try to convince you not to believe your own eyes.

Those telling us that Trump only won because Hillary was a flawed and unlikable candidate obviously chose to ignore the fact that she won the popular vote.

The truth is Donald Trump won because he excited the Republican base like no one since Ronald Reagan.  Because, like Reagan he spoke to the voters in language they understood, challenged the establishment for its failures rather than alibiing for them as his opponents did, and he offered common sense solutions to the concerns of everyday Americans.

When you ask yourself why Republican powerbrokers won’t acknowledge this fact instead of continuing to run the same tired recycled politicians the answers you come up with aren’t comforting.