Shame: Fake News Border Babies Narrative Discredited

Elder Patriot – The fake news media has equated the border patrol’s minimal use of tear gas with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical poisons to kill his own people.  It makes for a powerful, if misleading, headline.

The anti-Trump propaganda media only needs to convince the low information anti-Trump base that comprises the Democratic Party of the equivalence to meet their objective.

The fact is, the CBP used move aggressive tactics in response to an Obama-era directive in 2013 than they used during yesterday’s minor skirmish.

In November of 2013 there was an earlier attempted rush to breach the San Ysidro Port of Entry.  KPBA News reported on the events this way:

Deported migrants attempted a once-common tactic of rushing the border en masse on Sunday. But Border Patrol agents met them with tear gas and rubber bullets and forced them to turn back.

Certainly, Democrats would admit that Obama would never have approved using lethal gas on anyone let alone “women and children.”

As for the rubber bullets, there were no accounts of rubber bullets being used in any of yesterday’s reporting.  In reporting the 2013 migrant border assault the potential for the use of rubber bullets to turn deadly was conveniently ignored by the Obama-adoring media.

That potential had been widely publicized in 2004 after the death of an Emerson College coed caused by being struck with a rubber bullet to her head during a raucous celebration following a Red Sox playoff victory.

Estimates put the size of the 2013 group somewhere between 100 and 200.  Yesterday’s attempted invasion was estimated to be significantly larger at 500.  A commensurately more intense response would be expected.

Still, Trump’s CBP opted not to use rubber bullets and pictures from the scene, intended to create empathy for the border rushers, showed only minimal use of tear gas.

The fact is tear gas is a non-deadly irritant often used to disperse protesting American citizens.

Here are two pictures from Ferguson, Missouri while Obama was president.  They indicate the manner in which tear gas is usually deployed for maximum effectiveness.

It looks like if anyone was gassing his own people it was Obama, while Trump was merely making a small show for effect.

Trump wanted to avoid all of these theatrics and secure the border – something the majority of Americans want done – by building an unbreachable wall, but politics, and the mainstream media got in the way.