Sexual Conditioning: The Shocking Similarity Between Radical Islam, Hollywood’s Elites & The Democratic Party– Only 7 Days Left to View This for Free

Elder Patriot – If you wonder why so many entertainment stars have been using their various platforms to defend the importation of Islamists it may be because their treatment of women and young children create a firewall that distract from the very same abusive behavior they themselves engage in.

The fact that they all turned on Harvey Weinstein so quickly after having protected him for so long should raise red flags.  Their willingness to jettison Weinstein overboard so quickly is an attempt to throw ballast overboard to save what is about to become their sinking ship.

Rumors of Hollywood’s casting couches are legendary but now, because of Weinstein’s fall from grace, we are beginning to learn just how pervasive the abuse and rape of women who hope to become stars by major producers actually is and remains.

In fact, when Weinstein was first charged his immediate response was that this is the culture in their business.  Kind of like it is the culture of Islamists that also has been met by turning the other cheek under orders from U.S. decision-makers. 

In fact, U.S. soldiers were admonished after stepping in to stop the abuse of young Afghan boys by Afghan police officers.

Sadly, it’s time to admit the same sickening practice has been going on here as well.  And even more perverse has been the fact that everyone has remained silent while young American boys and girls were literally turned into the sexual playthings of Hollywood’s most powerful men.

What has long been the entertainment division of the mainstream media’s propaganda proponents of anti-Americana is about to be exposed for all of its satanic behavior.

The following feature length film exposes the most ugly aspect of Hollywood’s dark underbelly.  It was released more than two years ago.  It’s a roadmap any interested prosecutor can easily follow.  That raises the question, why hasn’t anyone stepped forward to do so?

Could it be that this pedophilia network includes the most powerful people in Washington?  After all, wouldn’t the person who blows the lid off of this automatically become a hero in the eyes of everyday Americans?

Please watch as much of it as you can stomach because it has only been made available for free for the next seven days by Esponda Productions.  Esponda Productions has pledged to donate the entirety of any profits received from Open Secret to the Courage of Act Foundation.

AN OPEN SECRET. Official PG-13 version. Copyright Esponda Productions LLC  #AnOpenSecret from Matt Valentinas on Vimeo.

The truth behind these recent revelations and the depth and breath of the entertainment community’s involvement in covering it up should forever disqualify these high paid whores and their pimps from ever again defining what is socially and morally correct for the rest of us.

Where that leaves the Democratic Party that relies on these moral reprobates for money and voice to spread their anti-American propaganda is for anyone to guess.

It says here that it’s more than likely that the rumors of pedophilia that have long swirled around the Clintons and many of Washington’s elected establishmentarians will soon be proven true, as well.

Why else would a major political party that vets everyone before getting involved with them have wrapped itself around these Hollywood degenerates?  Why else would Republicans become RINO’s after promising to be strict conservatives?

And, why would Pope Francis have so willingly destroyed the moorings that underpinned the Catholic Church since its inception if it weren’t under threat of exposure for its own pedophile problem by American leadship?