Sessions Mulling if Time Has Come For Hillary’s Turn in the Barrel

Elder Patriot – It’s been three weeks since the Justice Department sent a letter to the House Judiciary Committee confirming that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been considering appointing a second special counsel to conduct a proper investigation into the numerous scandals involving the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Nothing has happened to change Sessions’ thoughts over the ensuing three weeks except that he’s that much closer to him pulling the trigger on his decision.

Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) twice previously this year called on Sessions to appoint a second special counsel to investigate Hillary’s corruption for everything from Uranium One, her selling of access and favors for donations to the Clinton Foundation and in exchange for exorbitant speaking fees for her hubby Bill, her role in unmasking the identities of Americans, and her use of an illegal email server.

There’s enough evidence already in the public sphere to get a number of indictments against the corrupt witch with a capital B.  The fact is a second special prosecutor may be the only way to expose the full extent of Clinton’s corruption because her influence throughout the FBI and DOJ still threatens the attempt to achieve justice.

Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor initially charged with exposing the truth about Russian involvement in the 2016 election has developed a serious inability to stay focused on that.  He doesn’t seem to be able to acknowledge these policy decisions by Hillary which is odd since they were all made while he was the Director of the FBI.

It was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who agreed to sell 20% of our Uranium reserves to Russia – the same Russia that Clinton Democrats now claim is the greatest menace to our Democratic society.    

Hillary was also Secretary of State when the U.S. willingly ceded control of the Ukraine to Russia.

Let’s no forget how the Obama Administration, under the lead of his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, fomented so much unrest in the Middle East before withdrawing the region, that it opened the door for Russia to exert its influence where it previously had little.

There’s also this inconvenient truth: During the so-called Russian reset, then-Sec. of State Hillary Clinton led the way on U.S. involvement in a Russian government technology initiative that was intended to be the Russian equivalent of America’s Silicon Valley known as Skolkovo.  Less than four years later they hacked into our electoral grid.  Dumb policy initiative or deliberate attempt to engender our most sensitive national computer networks?

Mueller also totally ignored her email scandal that ran afoul of the Espionage Act.  How many of those 33,000 deleted emails contain information relevant to Hillary’s decision-making on the contentious issues listed above?

Sessions has seen enough evidence cross his desk that he has directed his senior federal prosecutors to report directly to him whether they can best handle the eventual prosecution inside the Department of Justice or that a second special counsel would better serve the needs of justice on any or all of the issues under investigation.