Senator Kennedy’s Question to Horowitz Potentially Implicates Obama’s AG Lynch in Election Meddling

Elder Patriot – The mainstream media’s defense of the indefensible has become a threat to our republic.  During Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s testimony at today’s Judiciary Committee hearing additional Obama administration illegalities came to light.

Last year, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch testified about her decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information.  During her testimony she swore she never talked to “anyone” on the Clinton campaign. Lynch categorically denied that she had when questioned about whether she spoke with any from Hillary’s campaign about remaining attorney general if Hillary won the election.  During today’s question and answers it became apparent that those words are going to come back to haunt her.

Today, the other shoe dropped.  During questioning from Senator John Kennedy, I.G. Horowitz dropped this bomb at the 7:56 mark:

Sen. Kennedy: “Your classified index; does it contain or discuss an email that refers to a conversation allegedly between Attorney General Lynch and a person by the name of Amanda Renteria”

I.G. Horowitz: “I’m not sure what I can say about that publicly given the matter’s classified.  So I would ask you if I can get back to you – I’m hesitant to say anything in a public forum about that.”

The Inspector General goes on to explain that “for some reason” that email was classified [by the previous administration’s intelligence community] at a very high level.  Let me guess why.  It’s because no one was ever supposed to see it.

Here’s the reason.  Leaked emails of John Podesta show that when the Hillary Clinton campaign was looking for a “Hispanic woman” for the position of political director of her 2016 presidential campaign Renteria was hired to fill the position.

I.G. Horowitz’s acknowledgement tells us that there is more to this and that his investigation has expanded in that direction.  This cannot be good news for Loretta Lynch who has never given us a reasonable explanation for her infamous tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton either.

The “we just ran into each other excuse” just doesn’t pass the smell test.  When multiple secret service units are to be in an area at the same time they schedule a deconfliction conference to avoid an accidental shooting between unidentified armed individuals.  Keep in mind the Secret Service doesn’t wear uniforms.

Lynch’s time in the barrel is coming.  But, this is likely only the beginning of her undoing.

Lynch is now tied to Renteria who was employed by radical leftist Democratic Congressman Xavier Becerra.  Becerra is to the person responsible for hiring the Awan brothers – Pakistani nationals who have been accused of illegally accessing highly classified files from the server of the House Democratic server and then passing it to foreign nationals.

Becerra never did background checks on any of the Awans at any time and then vouched for them – an acceptable House policy if you can believe it – to other Democrats.  How did Lynch miss this fact?

Donald Trump was in office for two weeks when the Awan story broke.  Why wasn’t Lynch, as Barack Hussein’s Attorney General, aware of this ongoing exfiltration of national security secrets?  Or, was she?