Senator Hammers “Do Nothing” Chuck Schumer Over DACA

ELDER PATRIOT – Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton may only be three years into his first term but he has been showing real hope as a Republican with the spine and verbal skills to expose Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (entering his 20th year in office) for the political fraudster that marks the entire Democratic Party that he is the leader of.

Cotton took to the well of the Senate yesterday during the immigration debate to deride Schumer’s representation that the bill would fix either our immigration problem or provide the long-term protection for DACA recipients that President Trump had proposed.

The Senator from Arkansas began by nicknaming the amendment being discuss, the Schumer Amendment.

Then Cotton moved to quoting Abraham Lincoln:

“Abraham Lincoln said ‘if you call a dog’s tail a leg, how many legs has a dog, five? No, it has four. Because calling something doesn’t make it that.’  In the same way you can call a bill bipartisan because there are some Republicans on that bill, and if the Republicans have simply acquiesced to the Democrats’ position, it’s a Democratic bill. Calling it bipartisan doesn’t make it so.”

Cotton then walks his listeners through the bill’s weaknesses:

He began by addressing the enforcement holiday for illegal immigration:

“You might call it the olly-olly-oxen-free position. Because it declares to anyone, worldwide, if you get to the United States in the next four months before, June 30, 2018, olly olly oxen free, the Department of Homeland Security will not enforce our laws against you.”

He then points out that the enforcement holiday was hand-written into the bill “late last night” so as to escape the scrutiny of those Republicans who might’ve given Schumer a previous nod of approval.

“It used to be January 1, 2018.  And, you had to be present for at least five and a half years.”

[…] “Second, let’s look at the amnesty that it provides.  The president has been extraordinarily generous in his offer to our Democratic colleagues.  He didn’t say legal status for 690,000 people who are enrolled in the Obama era DACA program he said citizenship.  He said a full opportunity for citizenship for 1.8 million people.  Not just people who are enrolled in the program but also for those who were eligible for the program had they enrolled.

“This amendment would expand that to almost 3-4 million people – a vast amnesty for a quarter of the people in this country illegally.

“Third it’s even worse than that.  The entire rational of the DACA program is that children ought not pay for the sins of their parents.  How about the parent’s pay for the sins of the parents?  This bill would allow the effective legalization of the very parents who created this problem in the first place.”

Cotton then explained that the bill pretends to address those parents but in an impractical manner.  It puts the onus on DHS to prove that the parents knowingly violated the law when they first brought the DACA child into the U.S.A.

How can DHS prove the parent’s intent or knowledge, especially when the acts occurred 10, 15 or 25 years ago?

“…It’s the exact reason why so many immigration bills have failed for so many years in this body.  Because the Democrats write bills that they claim does one thing when in reality it does the exact opposite thing.”

“Fourth, they say that it reforms chain migration.  Here’s what it actually does.  It briefly, briefly, delays a tiny, tiny class of persons from being sponsored by newly legalized immigrants – only about 25,000 per year of the adult children of green card holders.  It takes those and applies it to other adult children, and when those immigrants become a citizen, they get to sponsor their adult children again.

“So, it makes in practice not a single change to the practice of extended family chain migration, which is responsible for so much of the unskilled and low-skilled immigration that we’ve had in this country over the last forty years.

“It makes no changes whatsoever to the diversity lottery – not a single one – even though every other provision under serious consideration has at least eliminated that lottery and re-allocated those green cards towards other purposes.”

What about the wall along our southern border that President Trump insisted on and that the people elected him to see built?  Cotton points out that the bill is a sham on funding the wall.

“It gives 2.5 billion dollars for the first year – can’t be spent for physical barriers.  And then, every year after that it makes that money contingent on a report and a certification by the Department of Homeland Security that is purposefully onerous, difficult to achieve, and therefore means the money likely will not to be available for the wall in future years.

“And, of course, if a Democratic president comes into office in the ten years of this bill, we know that his Department of Homeland Security will never submit that report certification and that money will never be spent [on the wall].

“And finally, this amendment has no chance of becoming law. Zero chance. It shouldn’t pass this chamber, to begin with, but even if that were to happen, President Trump issued a veto threat just minutes ago. The House of Representatives is not going to pass this bill. They probably won’t even take it up, as they didn’t take it up the last time the Senate passed a terrible immigration bill.”

President Trump was elected, in large part, because he promised to put an end to the foot dragging, misrepresentations, and phony fixes that has surrounded the immigration debate for more than four decades.

Tom Cotton knows this is and is finally holding Chuck Schumer’s feet to the fire.