Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearings Into Epstein Death: FBI Investigating Possibility ‘Criminal Enterprise’ Was Involved

Washington D.C. is a cesspool protected by smoke and mirrors where the rich and powerful get away with pedophilia and murder simply by discrediting their accusers and changing the subject knowing the mainstream media will protect them.  Literally.

Consider what we’ve been watching across all the networks and every ‘major’ publication over the past week.  

They are attempting to remove a president over a phone call that everyone of the witnesses who have appeared before their inquest has flatly stated didn’t amount to anything illegal.

Now consider what the mainstream media has used these sham impeachment hearings to avoid reporting about:

Robach: “It was unbelievable. We had Clinton…We had everything.”

The man at the center of this pedophile ring was Jeffrey Epstein.  His sordid practices, coupled with his connection to the rich and powerful, including high-level politicians likely made him as powerful as any of them.

Sex, Lies, and Videotape.

He had the most powerful quid pro quo with which to leverage business deals and political decisions, imaginable.  

Put that together with the immense wealth that he accumulated with no known legitimate business interests and you’d think this would be red meat for the if it bleedes it ledes crowd.

Rohrbach doesn’t believe the official story that Epstein hung himself.

Robach: “So do I think he was killed? 100% Yes, I do…He made his whole living blackmailing people…Yup, there were a lot of men in those planes. A lot of men who visited that Island, a lot of powerful men came into that apartment.”

ABC made an attempt to get out in front of this story when, two-and-half months prior to a Project Veritas reporter getting Robach on a recording, they ran a single report that former Democrat Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, former Democrat Governor and Clinton cabinet member Bill Richardson, and Britain’s Prince (Andrew), had been named in the court documents. 

What other high-profile names might be uncovered if a legitimate investigation were to be opened?

There were plenty of people who wanted Epstein silenced, permantently.  

There were reports – not by the mainstream media – that Alex Acosta, the U.S. Attorney handed Epstein “the deal of a lifetime,” after he been told to back off because Epstein was an intelligence asset.

The Dr. Michael Baden, perhaps the most experience and famous forensic pathologist witnessed Epstein’s autopsy, at the request of Epstein’s brother, and came away believing that the injuries that caused his death were far more consistent with strangulation than from hanging.

Still, there has been virtually no clamor in the mainstream media for more information.  Instead they are using wall-to-wall coverage to tell us investigating corruption is an impeachable offense.

That argument, when you stop to think about it, is pretty much the reason there’s radio silence about Epstein and any attempt to report on facts already in the public square are dismissed as conspiracy theories.  

Nothing to see here.  Move along.

That excuse is similar to the media’s misleading claims that there’s nothing to the 2016 campaign interference on behalf of Hillary Clinton – there’s the Clinton name again – even though Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called for an investigation last week.

The fact that Washington has placed an official blackout on these claims about Epstein since they first became public says more about the credibility of Robach’s claims than I ever could.

Finally, the Senate Judiciary Committee has taken action and is demanding answers about Epstein’s death.  

Yesterday, we heard from Kathleen Hawk Sawyer.

Kathleen Hawk Sawyer is the Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP).  She was appointed to that position on August 19, 2019 by U.S. Attorney General William Barr following the death of Jeffrey Epstein.

Ms Hawk Sawyer appeared answered questions regarding the possibility/likelihood that Epstein was murdered following the findings of Dr. Baden.

Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham: “With a case this high profile, there has got to be either a major malfunction of the system or criminal enterprise at foot to allow this to happen. So are you looking at both? Is the FBI looking at both?”

Kathleen Hawk Sawyer: “The FBI is involved and they are looking at criminal enterprise, yes.”

Senator Ted Cruz: “There were powerful men who wanted Jeffrey Epstein silenced.

“As I see it there are two — and only two — possibilities for what happened with Jeffrey Epstein.

“No. 1, there was gross negligence and a total failure of BOP to do its job with a prisoner on suicide watch that led to Epstein committing suicide. 

Or No. 2, something far worse happened, that it was not suicide but rather a homicide carried out by a person or persons who wanted Epstein silenced. 

Either one of those is completely unacceptable. Both of those are profound indictments of BOP and our federal incarceration system.

“Let’s take the more damning of the scenarios. Based on the evidence of which you are aware, is there any indication that Jeffrey Epstein’s death was a homicide?” 

Kathleen Hawk Sawyer: “Based upon the evidence that I am aware, no, but as I’ve already told the committee, it is still being investigated by the FBI and the Inspector General’s Office.”

I’d like to report that this is the first step in draining the swamp but it appears that almost everyone in Washington is compromised in some manner or form and they’re not likely to have any stomach for opening this can of worms.

After all this time sitting on their hands, and given the impeachment inquiry being conducted elsewhere in the Capitol, it’s hard to believe that Sen. Graham’s committee is doing anything more leveraging the Epstein probe to send a message to House Democrats to back off.

“So do I think he was killed? 100% Yes, I do…He made his whole living blackmailing people…Yup”