SEE WHY The World Is TUNING IN TO WATCH This WEATHER GIRL Even Though She Speaks A Foreign Language

VIA| Recently the Ozzy Man on YouTube has found himself preoccupied by one particular television channel, one that nobody else in Australia has ever even thought of watching. While Ozzy Man may be famous for his down under-themed reviews of anything and everything, once he caught sight of Mexican weatherwoman Yanet Garcia his whole life changed.

Garcia isn’t like your typical meterologist, for so long just some stuffy guy in a suit telling us stuff we already know. Yanet is a new type of weatherwoman, one meant more for the pleasing of the eyes than any actual weather-related information. Which definitely explains why she is so famous in countries where basically no one  speaks Spanish!

Ozzy Man decided to share his take on Yanet Garcia and her high-quality weather reporting, but constantly found himself distracted by her figure – rather understandable, wouldn’t you say?

“It’s good just to learn about other cultures, and precipitation..” Ozzy says, trailing off towards the end. “I may not know what Yanet here is saying but a part of me is okay with all this. I get the bullet points.”

He isn’t the only one that can’t get enough of Yanet, her recent internet stardom buoying the attractive young meteorologist to 885,000 followers on Instagram and a bevy of reactions just like Ozzy Man’s.

So are you a fan of this gorgeous Mexican weatherwoman as well, or do you find her distracting from the actual news? Sound off in the comments!