Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Used Her Position to Advance Saudi’s Oil Markets and Screwed Russia in the Process.

ELDER PATRIOT – Hillary Clinton has a Russia problem and she has created a false narrative that Donald Trump has close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin to distract her supporters from the truth.  The strategy of deflection is an old one for the scandal plagued Clintons.

Putin’s disdain for Mrs. Clinton has been well earned.  Hillary Clinton has always needed a bogeyman to run against to make her actions explainable, if even only marginally, and she is relying on tying Donald Trump to Vladimir Putin in this instance.  But Mrs. Clinton has a lot of explaining to do.

The result of Mrs. Clinton’s initiatives during her tenure as Secretary of State handcuffed Russia’s economic growth by blocking its access to foreign markets for their oil. 

Remember, it was her largest financial supporter, George Soros who engineered a coup in the Ukraine. Soros tried to give control of Ukraine’s oil reserves to Joe Biden’s son, Beau, but the younger Biden wound up dead. In light of the circumstances surrounding Biden’s death, including the Russians preferred method of assassination by poison, it is likely they were behind Beau Biden’s demise.  Pillaging Russian allies are always met with a swift and severe response.

Clinton’s involvement in blocking Russia’s access to European markets was equally disruptive to Russia’s economy.  In typical Clinton fashion the European oil blockade was made with her own financial interests in mind, not with America’s interests in mind.  Her largest international donors, the Saudis, wanted to keep Russian oil from competing with them in the rich European market. 

So Secretary of State Clinton organized a NATO boycott of Russian oil with the promise of that oil being replaced with oil from Saudi Arabia.  To supply that oil as efficiently as the Russians would be able to would require building a pipeline.  That pipeline would necessarily have to run through Syria.

What follows next was, at the least, an abysmal foreign policy failure and, at worst, treasonous use of our military assets to overthrow a foreign government that represented no threat to America.

Make no mistake, Syrian strongman Bashir Assad is not a good person, but he presented a stable presence in the region that posed no threat to America.  For one to believe that his anti-Western rhetoric was worthy of starting a war would require a similar policy initiative towards Iran.  Instead we gave Iran in excess of $150 billion and a path to developing nuclear technology that does represent a threat to both America and her allies.  The paper trail for that payoff to the Clintons for that decision has yet to be discovered.

The only difference between Iran and Syria was Iran didn’t stand in the way of a pipeline.

Her assassination of Lybian leader Maummar Gaddafi likewise eliminated competition to the Saudis from that oil-rich country.  Mrs. Clinton has steadfastly lied about what happened in Benghazi even going so far as to destroy access to her emails and risk being charged with destruction of evidence, a federal crime carrying with it a 20-year prison term.

Her calculation, if it were to come down to it, was it would be better to be charged with destruction of evidence than have the gun-running operation that she had ordered exposed.  The mainstream media has done their best to obscure this story but it is generally understood that our installation in Benghazi was supplying military grade weapons in what amounted to the arming of a proxy army to do the Saudi’s fighting in that region. 

Clinton has been so callously corrupted by Saudi money that she cavalierly dismissed the deaths of four Americans caught in the middle of the illicit operation at that time with the now infamous quote before Congress, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Remember, both the Saudi’s and ISIS share the goal of spreading radical Islam and Sharia law across the broader Middle East in the creation of a caliphate.

So now Mrs. Clinton is courting a nuclear war with Russia to hide the conflagration she caused in the Middle East and blaming it on Vladimir Putin.  Why is no one asking her that if Putin presents such an existential threat to America why did she agree to allow the sale of 20% of our Uranium stockpile to him?  It couldn’t have been the $135 million in Russian contributions to the Clinton Foundation that helped her with such a “difficult” decision, could it?

The more we know about Mrs. Clinton the more we are reminded that her view of government has always remained constant.  There is money to be made from selling the assets of the little people.