Second Amendment Alert: Clinton-Obama’s Strategy to Sow Social Unrest Around the World Has Come to the United States

ELDER PATRIOT – To America’s 100 million gun owners the Second Amendment is sacrosanct.  It has always been the hill upon which they were prepared to die.  Now, as we watch Clinton and Obama unleash their hateful and divisive rhetoric, focused on spreading racial division across American, we may soon find our gun ownership is the only means we have to protect ourselves our families, our properties and our neighborhoods.

America is splintering into government orchestrated social and economic decay. This demands that each of us stand steadfast in defense of our Constitutional right to self-defense or we may find ourselves abandoned and alone in a time of need.  The events in Baltimore, San Bernardino, Orlando, Paris, and now Dallas, San Francisco, St. Paul have told us that the police serve more political and investigative purposes than as defenders of our lives and property.

This is not said to discredit the police.  They do all that they can as their heroic actions in Dallas illustrated, but they can only do so much.

The policies of the Clinton-Obama team have left the Middle East in turmoil, Europe confused, divided and increasingly unsafe for it’s citizens, and now the United States edging towards a racial civil war.

America’s gun owners have stood silently over the past seven and a half years as the Obama administration has gone about stripping us of our rights, our prosperity, and our future in a perverse and obsessive drive to fashion the left’s definition of worldwide social justice.  Coupled with a Republican congress that refused to confront or deny the president on any of his agenda we shudder to think how many more liberties we might’ve lost if Obama had been unfettered as the result of an unarmed populace.

As if one is needed this far into President Obama’s second term, the events of this past weekend in Dallas stand as a reminder that politicians demanding gun control either don’t understand what is necessary to counter existential threats or they do but they have more nefarious plans that an armed populace would not accept peacefully.

Every time the president or Hillary Clinton begins telling us how much safer we would be without our semi-automatic rifles it is an affront to every American who possesses one.  Our record of responsibility when it comes to using these weapons is exemplary.  Despite an estimated eight million semi-automatic rifles privately held by Americans they have only been used in homicides less than 300 times every year.  That includes the mass shootings that Obama and Clinton are so quick to try to capitalize on for political purposes. 

The police, that the president and Mrs. Clinton insist we entrust our safety to, fatally shot nearly 1,000 people last year according to the Washington Post.  Of course America’s 800,000 police are confronted with many times more reasons to use their weapons than are the eight million owners of semi-automatic rifles but the fact that you are 33 times more likely to be shot by a police officer than by the owner of a semi-automatic rifle is a testament to the responsible way that gun owners handle themselves.

Contrast these statistics with those from the FBI of President Obama’s immigration policies that Mrs. Clinton has promised to expand upon and you will be left asking if the president really cares about the public’s safety?

Because the Obama administration has altered the methods of reporting on immigration crime statistics we have to go back to the last seven years of the Bush administration to find accurate statistics on homicides committed by criminal aliens.

During the period from 2003-2009 criminal aliens committed over 25,000 murders.  Because many murders go unsolved it’s impossible to determine how many more.

Bottom line: You are eighteen times more likely to be killed by an alien – legal or illegal – than by a semi-automatic rifle in the hands of an American citizen.

These statistics do not consider the spread of diseases brought by immigrants from areas of the third world as a cause of American deaths.  For the purposes of this discussion we will ignore the rape, robbery, burglary, and injuries and deaths due to traffic accidents.

Against this backdrop every thinking person can only conclude that the president cares more about disarming responsible Americans than he does about the safety of Americans as he claims. 

American’s are also growing increasingly concerned about the manner that he is encouraging attack on our local police when he directs social justice rhetoric to a vulnerable demographic.  By rushing to take the side of every black person shot by police, in virtually every instance he has spoken before all of the facts were known.  It has been irresponsible and reckless of the president and Mrs. Clinton and solely for the purpose of stirring emotions and advancing their agenda.  Alarmingly, once the facts became clear, even the politicized Justice Department has been forced to abandon prosecuting these cases.

Evidence is now surfacing in the investigations of the Philando Castile and Alton Sterling that is likely to exonerate the police in both cases as well.

That matters little to people like Obama and Mrs. Clinton who intentionally incite passions within the Black community in order to advance their gun control agenda and electoral prospects. 

But energizing the black vote for November’s election is not their only reason for inciting Black violence against white police officers.  What other reasons do the president and Mrs. Clinton share?

Weakening authorized policing techniques and demoralizing the officers entrusted with protecting is likely to result in poorer enforcement making law-abiding populations less safe.  This will help the president promote the United Nation’s Strong Cities Network that was announced last year and that would allow the president to bring foreign troops onto American soil.

Along with Obama’s The President’s Task Force On 21st Century Policing he is steering us towards nationalizing our local police forces.  This would destroy our local police’s identification within each community that has made our communities safer.

By removing command and control from each locality in which the individual officers work the plan is to make them more likely to willingly coordinate with outside military units including those of the United Nations.

All of this is intended to disjoin the police from the communities diminishing their personal knowledge of and their emotional attachment to the people that they serve and bringing Obama’s plan for a national police force that much closer to reality.

Then there is the president’s refusal to identify Islamic radicalism, having gone so far as to order terms like Sharia and Jihadi scrubbed from government search engines.  It cannot go unnoticed that since 9/11 we have spent $2 trillion on “homeland defense,” that includes the construction of huge databases, ostensibly to help keep us safe from terrorists, but that have been rendered totally impotent for the those purposes by the president’s decrees.

Before Omar Mateen was allowed to carry out his murderous rampage in Orlando the FBI had interviewed him on two separate occasions and after that they had received warnings from a gun sore owner, Disney security and even a member of his own Muslim community raising questions about Mateen’s intentions.

When it comes to Islamic radicals the Obama administration doesn’t even allow background researchers to look at Muslim immigrants Facebook pages for some clue of their beliefs.  Because of that 14 people died in San Bernardino and another 22 were seriously injured.

If you don’t believe there’s an agenda being played out here you haven’t been paying attention.  Even after Mateen called 911 and declared Allahu Akbar the Obama administration said they’re investigating his reasons.  Really?  When Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot, the mainstream media at the behest of Obama’s disinformation team immediately blamed the shooting on right-wing extremism.  The shooter, Jared Loughner turned out to be a Democrat.  Oops, nothing to see here move along.

It appears all that we’ve gotten for our $2 trillion is a database on American’s most personal information and unnecessary waits and searches at our airports.  But hey, you can get a rocket mortgage approval in minutes…maybe.

With these deliberate failures in mind the Obama-Clinton team is importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims who may or may not be radicalized and that our intelligence agencies know nothing about, that fact is exacerbated by how severely handcuffed they are due to Obama’s order.  The fact is that at least some of the Muslim immigrants are proving to be strident supporters of Sharia and inclined towards violence.

Given the administration’s clearly demonstrated desire to create civil/racial unrest with rhetoric based on false conclusions and intended soley to incite the Black community the question must be asked, “What if the police are ordered to stand down in the face of a threat from America’s growing Islamic radical community, the rising Black militancy, or a combination of both as they were in Baltimore last summer during a time of violent rioting? 

In such an emergent situation, gun owners know that they will be able to join with their neighbors in defending their families and their communities. 

Our right to bear arms will guarantee that Obama will not succeed in doing to us what Angela Merkel has done to the citizens of the member countries of the European Union, if that is his intention.

Seven and a half years after Obama took office American gun owners have demonstrated to the president and the people that they have nothing to fear from us.  Unfortunately this president has given us many reasons to believe that we have much to fear from him and the political elites who surround him.

Sixty-five million Americans voted for President Obama in 2012.  One hundred million American gun owners may soon find themselves the last check and balance against his power.

The intentions of our Founding Fathers when they crafted the Second Amendment was explained by Thomas Jefferson:

“What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance. Let them take arms.”

– Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Madison, December 20, 1787

It is now incumbent on every one of us to recognize our place in American history as this generation’s protectors of the Constitution and the inalienable rights of all citizens.  As with every generation that has come before ours it is now our obligation to securely pass those rights on to the next generation.

That is why American gun owners say with all determination and consternation – Molon Labe.