Sebastian Gorka Quotes Not So Shocking Revelation From Rank and File FBI Agents About How The Bureau’s Most Senior Management View Trump

Elder Patriot – Former White House Deputy Assistant to President Trump, Sebastian Gorka, made a not so startling revelation when he was a guest on the Larry O’Connor’s talk show on WMAL radio. 

Gorka had joined O’Connor to discuss how political bias among senior FBI officials and inside the Department of Justice might’ve triggered unnecessary roadblocks that the Trump administration is still struggling to get over.

When Gorka took the mic he let fly with a serious, but not surprising, assessment of the attitude of those senior officials whose offices are located on the seventh floor of the Hoover Building:

“Let me give you something that I haven’t shared frequently but illustrates the enormity of the issue. So when I came in my rank was Deputy Assistant to the President. And I wanted to build a team inside the White House to do the kind of terrorism work that we were mandated to do. And I wanted to bring three of my former students in as detailees, these were the smartest kids I trained at graduate level and they were all at the FBI.  So I put my request in, as a Deputy to the President to the FBI, they did nothing.  They slow rolled it for 6 months, which is weird because they actually work for the President until I find out from senior FBI agents, this is a direct quote, “The 7th floor of the FBI looks at the Trump White House as the enemy.”

“The 7th floor of the FBI looks at the Trump White House as the enemy.”

As wrong as this might be it doesn’t come as a shock to anyone.  Except, of course, FBI Director Christopher Wray who contends there is no bias at the FBI.  That would be the same Christopher Wray who couldn’t stop a terrorist from carrying out an attack even after he made multiple posts announcing his intentions to become a school shooter.