Schumer: “When Jeff Sessions Was Passed, It Turned My Stomach”

ELDER PATRIOT – Chuck Schumer and the rest of his comrades in the corrupt Democrat party did everything in their power to block, or to at least delay, the confirmation of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General of the United States.  And, with good reason.

Sessions has been in the Senate for twenty years and over those three plus terms he’s maintained his integrity even while those around him were selling their souls to international bankers and mega corporations. 

But what really has these corrupt Democrats soiling their underwear is Sessions’ longstanding opposition to the globalist movement and the open borders policies that have accompanied it.  Try as these Democrats might to convince Sessions to take the money and join them in destroying the American dream for America’s citizens, his commitment to the people who he was elected to serve has never wavered.

Sessions knows every dirty little secret about the Democrat senators who have succumbed to the bribery offered them by the world’s moneyed interests and it’s this more than anything else that has Schumer’s stomach turning.

Despite all of the carefully orchestrated protests and the mainstream media’s fake news assault intended to create the impression that Donald Trump has lost the support of the American people the president’s approval rating is increasing daily and is now over 50%.  More significantly the policies that Trump has advanced meet with the approval of an even greater percentage of Americans.

Schumer knows all of this and is looking ahead to the 2018 midterm elections when the minority party he heads will be defending 23 of the 48 seats they currently hold.  That is an extraordinarily high number of seats to defend especially for a party already in the minority.  Keep in mind that 10 of those Democratic senators are from states that Donald Trump won.

The senate minority leader realizes that his party is absolutely dependent on the support of voters who want to continue the policy of unfettered immigration in order for many of those senate Democrats to get re-elected.  For Schumer that means pulling the voters of those 23 states in the opposite direction of the president who was elected on a platform of severely curtailing immigration so that it serves the needs of the American people and not the other way around.

President Trump and his advisors recognize the unique leverage that this situation presents for his policy initiatives, but he will have that leverage only for another two years. 

That alone makes Schumer’s task daunting to contemplate but with Sessions now having the entire investigative powers of the Department of Justice at his disposal, and his knowledge of where all of the Democrats’ skeletons are buried Schumer will have even more difficulty keeping nervous members of his party in line.

This, plus the fact that President Trump is a businessman who lives by the premise that time is money, explains the breakneck pace at which he is advancing his agenda.