Schools Have Been Turned Into Forced Government Indoctrination Centers – Become Ground Zero For Gun Confiscation

Elder Patriot – Under the guise of educating our children, Leftists have used the power of government to turn our schools into centers of Marxist indoctrination. 

And, most parents have no choice in the matter.  By strangling the economic opportunities available to American-born workers through the government’s forty-year policy to offshore their jobs and a fifty-year policy of importing cheaper labor (legal and illegal), both parents are forced to work.  That leaves the public school system as their sole alternative for educating their children.

Children who do not attend school are rounded up and forced to.  If there are enough offenses of this kind they are removed from their parents’ custody.

With that kind of power schools have been freed to teach Marxist theology and to disparage the constitution.

From forced vaccinations for mandatory attendance to forcing students to check their Christian faith at the door, schools no longer serve the communities that they are located in.  The children of the community are now taught to serve the global community and to blindly accept whatever scheme enriches those who have seized leadership of it.

This includes demanding adherence to the doctrine of Global Warming that is nothing more than justification for charging a tax on normal human behavior and showing their fealty to the state by giving up their gun rights.

This was the case in Lacey Township, NJ this week when the town’s school district suspended two top students for having posted pictures of them selves at a family trip to a gun range.

It’s not bad enough that the school teaches abolishing the Second Amendment absent reasoned classroom discussion, school authorities believe they have the right to reach into the students home if they deem is necessary, thereby minimizing the parents’ role even further.

Superintendent Craig Wigley advised:

The Lacey school district follows the Safe Schools Initiative, the Zero Tolerance for Guns Act and the district’s own zero-tolerance policy for any students who have weapons in their possession, on or off school grounds.

Penalties include long-term suspension, evaluation by the high school Child Study Team and possibly a recommendation to the Board of Education for a one-year suspension.

Since when does the decision of a school board override the constitutionally protected rights of any American citizen?  It does if no one fights back.

Well, one group has taken up the fight.  The Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs has threatened the school district with legal action if the suspensions are not rescinded.  The ANJRPC is also demanding district authorities including Wigley and Principal Gregory Brandis apologize to the students and their families.

The suspended students are both boys.  They are straight-A students who are taking advanced placement courses, as well.

Parents who understand the importance of the Second Amendment in keeping a society free can change this if they band together.  Schools in NJ are dependent on funding from the state that is based on school attendance. 

Lacey Township is located in Trump Country.  Parents should arrange for their children to stage a walkout and invite the media to be present.  By doing this they will hit the district in the pocketbook.

But even more importantly a large-scale protest will send a message that the students of Parkland do not speak for everyone.

Anyone who participates in the walkout would be immune from penalty as well since the precedent has already been set that students are permitted to voice their opinion on guns during school hours and off of school ground.

Parents either fight back against the state’s demands or they may one day find themselves the victims of their own children confiscating the guns they own.

Don’t think that couldn’t happen here?  Wake up it has already begun under newly passed Florida law that was signed by outgoing Republican governor, Rick Scott.

The fact that Scott is now up for re-election reveals his true colors on this issue.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

A Broward County judge on Friday issued the state’s first order temporarily removing guns from a person under Florida’s new gun-control laws.

Four firearms and 267 rounds of ammunition were ordered removed from a 56-year-old Lighthouse Point man who was determined to be a potential risk to himself or others.

The man was also taken to a hospital for involuntary psychiatric treatment under the state’s Baker Act. But the civil ruling removing his access to guns and ammunition was granted under the new legislation — which permits confiscating guns from people who have not been committed but are deemed a potential risk to themselves or others, according to the order signed by Broward’s Chief Judge Jack Tuter.

So a Republican governor signed legislation eviscerating the lawful possession of firearms based solely on a tip?  Wouldn’t the more constitutionally compliant approach have been to send him for immediate psychiatric evaluation and then, only after a finding that the gun owner was a threat, remove his guns?

This is the same shoot first ask questions later authoritarian attitude that is the trademark of totalitarian governments around the world.

The Second Amendment isn’t our only protection being attacked in this manner.  The First Amendment has been under the same systematic attack by Google, Facebook, Twitter, et al by simply labeling news they prefer to hide as “Fake” without any court of competent jurisdiction first being permitted to rule on the veracity of that news.

Speak up now or forever hold your peace.