Sanders Sells Out. Tells His Revolutionary Followers They Should Bow to Corporate Globalist Hillary Clinton and Embrace TPP

ELDER PATRIOT – Bernie Sanders impassionately kicked his followers to the curb today when he kneeled down to kiss Hillary Clinton’s ass by endorsing her in New Hampshire of all place where his supporters had given him a 22-point win over Clinton during the Democrat primaries.  Like Hillary’s other marriage, this is truly a marriage made in hell.

With this morning’s polls showing that 58% of Americans believe that Clinton should be indicted over her illegal email server and the perjury that she committed in covering it up, it’s hard to fathom what the Vermont Senator was thinking.  That is, of course, unless he never gave a damn about the followers of his movement in the first place.

So after more than a year of Sanders shamelessly spewing rhetoric that indiscriminately promised free “stuff” that he never could’ve found the money to pay for in an immoral campaign to woo disgruntled voters who were too ignorant to realize he was a snake oil salesman, he finally showed his true colors and bowed at the alter of the most extreme corporatist left in the race.  The poor Sanders’ followers are the same character of voters that rocketed Hugo Chavez to power and then cheered as he turned the once fiscally robust country of Venezuela into a social wasteland awash in food shortages and widespread civil unrest.

No thinking person took Sanders pitch seriously but the Democrats have dumbed down their base so severely through their control of our education system that they are now stuck embracing at least a portion of the socialist candidate’s policies in order to unify their party to whatever extent that is now possible.

For Sanders, he took his socialist pitch as far as it would carry him and then sold out to the Clinton crime syndicate.  We’ll eventually learn what personal “favors” he received in return.  What we do know immediately is that the only thing his supporters got was the shaft.  Sanders was nothing if not an anti-corporatist, anti-establishment candidate yet he sold out to the most corporatist establishment politician in this race, and perhaps of any race in the history of American politics, proving once again that socialists can’t be trusted.