Ryan and McConnell Leading Attempt to Nullify Trump’s Election

Elder Patriot – During his 60 Minutes interview Steven Bannon made it known that the Washington establishment’s contempt for President Trump and his populist agenda was the reason behind their effort to nullify the president’s 2016 election.

Bannon recalled his first meeting with Trump and Senate Majority Mitch McConnell shortly after the election:

“‘I don’t want to hear any more of this “drain the swamp” talk,’” Bannon recalled McConnell saying.

Now we learn from former Congressmen Tom Tancredo that Ryan was dousing the president’s proposed border wall by claiming only one person in Congress wants the border wall.

Tancredo countered that, “I know several people in Congress who want a wall and I know that there are millions of Americans who want a wall.”

Tancredo could’ve said the majority of Americans want the wall as in 61% of them.  And, therein lies all the evidence you need to conclude that Ryan, McConnell, their Republican brethren, and every Democrat no longer serve the people as the Founders intended our elected representatives to do.

The establishment scum have so little regard for you that they are working against the man you elected to drain their swamp by reneging on every campaign pledge they themselves made to you.

Bannon laid out the extent of the witch-hunt Trump was being subjected to negate his presidency:

“Not only do you have a special prosecutor and the Justice Department and a couple of grand juries. You have on Capitol Hill … with Republican leadership, you have three separate committees.”

“You have, I think, two in the Senate and one in the House.  And they are investigating him and sending out subpoenas, and they’ve had some big breaks already.”

“Principally the Republican leadership has allowed three committees to go and principally be run by Democrats.  I think [California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff] is running the House committee … looks like [Democratic Virginia Sen. Mark Warner] is running the Senate committee and not [Republican North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr].

“Can you imagine if Hillary Clinton would have won and Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi would be the heads of the Senate and the House, that you would have three committees investigating President Hillary Clinton? And you would actually have Republicans running those committees? Of course you wouldn’t.”

The fact is these elites only hate Trump because the blue-collar billionaire rose to power by promising to represent your interests not theirs, and he’s proven he’s intent on keeping his promises even while they’re not.

They are trying to destroy Trump because he is threatening their gravy train.  Just by pulling us out of the Paris Accord President Trump refused to participate in their carbon tax scheme that would’ve defrauded us, the taxpayers, of $30 trillion for the enrichment of the elites who own and give power to McConnell, Ryan and other establishment Republicans and Democrats.

Bannon acknowledged in his interview with Charlie Rose that the globalist entrenchment within our government was not going to be defeated easily:

“The permanent political class, as represented by both parties … you’re not going to drain that in eight months.  You’re not going to drain it in two terms. This is going to take ten, 15, 20 years of relentlessly going after it.”

Now they may be planning a JFK-style exit for President Trump simply because he is fulfilling his campaign promises, the campaign promises that prompted us to vote for him in the first place.  What more proof do you need that you no longer matter to the elites?

Bannon generously referred to the globalist takeover as “a business model.”  The fact is it’s a criminal enterprise that would make the Cosa Nostra blanch.  And, McConnell and Ryan are leading the Republican wing of the syndicate.