Russian Collusion Narrative Collapses And Now Come the Excuses

Elder Patriot – This weekend the Russian-Trump collusion collapsed when special counsel Robert Mueller announced he would be looking for evidence of wrongdoing by Trump and/or his campaign elsewhere.

That forced Trump’s foes to shift from contending the target of their spy operations was Trump – that everyone knows was illegal – to now contending they were targeting Russia!  They were spying on Russia all along and Trump just happened to be caught in the middle of that operation!  And, they were trying to help Trump!

Really, Clapper?  WTF is he saying?  “You can’t use the DOJ and FBI for political purposes and investigating the DOJ and FBI for possibly having been used for political purposes would be using the DOJ and FBI for political purposes.”

Even Clapper’s new and improved reason that they were spying on Russia and not Trump doesn’t pass the logic test.  First, it was B. Hussein Obama himself who said that Russia had no capacity to rig our election.

No chance, whatsoever!  So why did Obama authorize planting a spy in and conducting electronic surveillance on the Trump campaign?

Second, and even more troubling, why didn’t the FBI demand, even seize the DNC servers at gunpoint if necessary to substantiate their claims that Russia had indeed hacked them?  Why did the FBI, an agency that has the most sophisticated cyber-espionage forensic capabilities anywhere, simply take a private firm’s word for it?  After all, wasn’t Russia the target all along?  Wouldn’t evidence of Russian cyber “fingerprints” be crucial to a future prosecution?

Uh… no, because by that time they damn well knew, or at least heavily suspected, that no Russian fingerprints would be found on those servers and that wouldn’t serve to advance their narrative at all.  As masters of managing misinformation and disinformation they’d decided the narrative would be better served by simply creating the facts as they went along and feeding it to their mainstream media echo chamber for affirmation, and public consumption.

Bonus reason this latest excuse is a joke: They allowed Hillary Clinton to destroy her server and 19 individual mobile devices.  If they were truly looking for evidence of Russian interference and hacking, how could they possibly not have thought it worth examining the communications of a sitting Secretary of State and presidential candidate, especially one who received $145MM at the same time the Uranium One deal was being consummated?  And, what about her closest associates?  Weren’t the big bad Russians likely to have sought backdoors to the Secretary of State through their devices?

When Comey exonerated Hillary, didn’t he also confirm the likelihood that Clinton’s email server had been hacked by multiple foreign governments?  Hmm.

Whatever their plan was, Brennan, Comey, Clapper and the rest of this Deep State Cabal underestimated Donald Trump.  And, while they were trying to make a case that wasn’t there, Trump’s investigators were busy making the case that is there.  And, yesterday morning Trump let his enemies know it was now game on.