Rudy Giuliani Drops Atomic Sledgehammer on Trump’s Enemies: FISA Declassification Will Result in Perjury Prosecutions

Elder Patriot – Rudy Giuliani appeared with Sean Hannity last night.  

They discussed the Mueller Report, the corrupt team of investigators and lawyers who compiled it, its potential release, and the plan President Trump’s attorneys are prepared to execute upon its release.

Before we dissect the impact of what Rudy is saying, let’s spend a minute understanding what he knows and how that forms the basis for his comments.

The president’s legal team has known for a long time that Donald Trump and members of his campaign never colluded with Russia… even a little bit.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller had assembled a team of investigators who had previously concluded, while working at the FBI, that there had been no collusion.

Read that again.  Mueller had assembled a team of investigators with a vested interest in hiding the corruption that existed at the DOJ and FBI because… they were those corrupt DOJ and FBI officials.

Recall this text message exchange between the FBI’s lead investigator on Crossfire Hurricane (the name given to the Trump investigation) Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page the attorney for the Bureau’s acting director, Andrew McCabe.

This exchange took place two days after Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had appointed Mueller.

…”you and I both know the odds are nothing. If I thought it was likely, I’d be there no question. I hesitate in part because of my gut sense and concern there’s no big there there.”

Strzok knew there was no underlying evidence of collusion because they had already spent at least nine months looking for it.

That means Mueller knew there was no collusion virtually from the outset.

Whether they knew that Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan had conspired to create the appearance of collusion is still not known.  That’s what Rand Paul is determined to find out:

As far as the legal team Mueller assembled, even the lawyers involved were chosen because they had already proven their fealty to Hillary Clinton.

They were assembled specifically to take down President Trump as the means to protecting Hillary and the vast army of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats that prospered from being in her orbit.

The Strzok-Page text cited above is telling.  When Strzok joined Mueller’s team he was undoubtedly asked to provide avenues for potential investigation.  He had none.

Likewise, high-ranking Justice Department officials Andrew Weissmann and Zainab Ahmad, who were members of the special counsel’s team, were participants in Operation Crossfire Hurricane were aware, or should have been aware, it was fabricated to damage Donald Trump.

Recall the words of President Trump’s attorney John Dowd during a recent interview:

“What’s worse is let’s get on the other side of this, how it all happened. This is one of the greatest frauds this country’s ever seen. And I’m just shocked that Bob Mueller didn’t call it that way and say, “I’m being used.” I would’ve done that. If I were in his shoes in this thing, I’d have gone to the– I’d have gone to Sessions and Rosenstein and said, “Look. This is nonsense. We are being used by a cabal in the F.B.I. to get even.”

This is awful. I mean, the corruption — at the top of the F.B.I. is staggering. And that’s how this all happened. And by the way, look at what the F.B.I. witnesses have said. “I know w– I know about no collusion.” I mean, Comey knew nothing about collusion.  So what are we doing then?

With the knowledge that the special counsel had quickly concluded there had been no collusion the question arises, what took Mueller so long to conclude his investigation?

This was never about collusion.  Virtually from its inception the special counsel was directing its energy and resources into goading President Trump into committing obstruction.

Think about the heavy-handed manner in which a SWAT team kicked down Paul Manafort’s door and terrorized him and his wife.  Consider how Mueller ordered placing Manafort in solitary confinement for many months in an attempt to break him.

Remember the outrageous military-style raid on Roger Stone that featured a heavily armed SWAT team in full body armor, an amphibian assault from the canal behind his house, and the presence of a CNN camera crew to capture it all for a worldwide audience to see.

This was all done in an attempt to force President Trump to react in such a way that they could hang an obstruction charge around his neck.

The only reasons for keeping the Russian collusion narrative alive was:

  • To give them more time to goad the President into a misstep and open himself up to obstruction charges.
  • To damage Republicans’ 2018 electoral chances in order to take back the House from where they would accept the handoff from Mueller, keep this narrative alive for another two years, and begin impeachment proceedings.

Thankfully, Attorney General Barr took over the investigation and Mueller, realizing the ruse was over, shut it down.

But, not before giving the corrupt Democrat House something to move forward towards impeachment with – a non conclusion on obstruction.

Giuliani knows all of this.  While discussing the Mueller Report, he told Hannity:

“If they throw a few nasty facts in there, I’m ready to throw it down their throat.  Because we have an 87-page report which we will use, and some things that the special counsel did that I think they don’t want people to hear.”

Then, when Hannity said he wants to see the FISA applications, Rudy dropped this atomic sledgehammer:

“That one’s going to lead to perjury prosecutions. Guaranteed. They lied their backsides off.”