Rosenstein, Simpson Refusal to Testify: Who Are They Protecting

Elder Patriot – Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein refused to appear before Congress to answer questions under oath as had previously been scheduled.  That’s a pretty serious decision for a man with nothing to hide.

DAG Rosenstein is under fire from both sides for playing politics rather than properly managing the Department of Justice.  The DAG thought both political parties would be satisfied (happy?) when he laid the predicates to justify firing corrupt FBI Director James Comey in a letter he wrote to President Donald Trump.

Instead, Democrats erupted in unison causing Rosenstein to recoil.  He appointed a special counsel to mollify them. The only problem with that for Rosenstein was he had no criminal predicate to validate the appointment.

Now, a year-and-a-half later, special counsel Robert Mueller has found nothing to implicate President Trump in wrongdoing of any kind.  That has left Rosenstein hanging by a thread.

Rosenstein based the appointment of the special counsel on the Steele dossier that, according to Comey, was both “salacious and unverified.”  Comey told Congress that in January of 2017. It remained unverified at the time Rosenstein appointed Mueller.

The importance of the phony dossier as the central piece of evidence the FISA Court was asked to rely on cannot be overstated.

Deputy Director McCabe appearing before a Congressional subcommittee in December of 2017 testified that without the Steele dossier there would not have been grounds for a FISA application.

Regardless, absent any new evidence, Rosenstein signed the third FISA application renewal more than five months after Comey’s admission, on June 29th to extend surveillance on President Donald Trump another 89 days.

As for the Steele dossier, it had been compiled by British spy Christopher Steele while conspiring with Glenn Simpson, the co-founder of political opposition research firm, Fusion GPS.

It’s known that Fusion GPS was being paid by Perkins Coie, a law firm that was working with, and receiving large payments from, both the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC.

According to The Washington Times, Michael Sussman, a lawyer with ties to the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign passed on documents about Russian election meddling to the FBI’s general counsel during the 2016 presidential campaign, according to a report Thursday.

This suggests that it was the Clinton campaign paying for information from Russian sources and feeding it to the DOJ to advance what we now know is a phony narrative that led to a witch-hunt against President Trump.

It’s hard to see how a seasoned pro like Rosenstein wasn’t aware of this by the time he signed the FISA warrant application.  

Even stranger, as Mueller kept coming up empty why wasn’t he doing a backwards investigation and asking questions of those who had fed the false information to the fBI and DOJ?

Simpson has also been subpoenaed to testify but his attorney Joshua Levy advised Congress that Simpson will “invoke his constitutional rights not to testify.”

Since Simpson has previously submitted to Congressional questioning it’s hard to see why he wouldn’t submit to questioning again.  Unless, of course he had previously lied to Congress or he was aware, or concerned that more recent testimony from other DOJ officials (Bruce Ohr and James Baker) now put him at risk.

The personnel shakeup at the DOJ and FBI suggests that the suspected corruption within those agencies indeed took place.

A growing body of evidence suggests that other conspirators remain in place.

Rosenstein’s refusal to testify may be protecting those holdovers but that excuse doesn’t ring true.  Neither does Simpson’s refusal to provide further testimony.

So which bigger fish are they protecting?  Loretta Lynch? Hillary Clinton? Barack Obama?

Stay tuned.