Roger Stone Gets Dems to Make Shocking Revelation – They’re Getting Ready to Throw Comey Under the Bus. But They Forgot That…

Elder Patriot – Trump confidante Roger Stone has been publicly and maliciously maligned by Democrats sitting on the House Intelligence Committee who haven’t offered any evidence against him other than incessant innuendo in true McCarthy-esque fashion.  Despite all of their public accusations they forced Stone to give his rebuttal in a closed session of the committee.

For that reason Stone released a lengthy statement prior to entering the committee’s chamber that you can watch here:

Or you can read it HERE

Stone Opening Statement by Alex Pfeiffer on Scribd

Upon exiting the meeting Stone claimed that the ensuing three hours after he finished giving his opening statement he sometimes contentiously sparred with three California Dems Jackie Speier, Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell.

There’s no reason to doubt Stone.  There has to be a reason that the Dems are refusing to release a transcript of the session.

Stone appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show last night to reveal the bomb that his parrying with Dems yielded.  That came in response to Stone accusing them of chasing their tails trying to prove so far unsubstantiated claims that Russia had hacked the DNC server because the F.B.I., under the direction of James Comey, never did a forensic examination of the server.   That’s when they told him that the F.B.I. had indeed done such an investigation.

If this is true then not only was Comey guilty of additional lies to Congress about who examined the DNC server but former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson was too.

It’s likely that these Dem House members had grown increasingly uneasy with Robert Mueller’s inability to turn up any evidence of Russian collusion – except against Hillary and the Dems – and so they are preparing to throw Comey under the bus when they are finally forced to admit that they’ve come to a dead end. 

What they forgot was Jeh Johnson also confirmed, under questioning by Trey Gowdy, that the DNC never turned the compromised server over to the F.B.I. for forensic analysis.

The smart money says that Speier, Schiff and Swalwell lied to Stone in an effort to strip him of that line of argument.

When Stone exited the committee meeting he was relaxed and answered reporters questions self-assuredly and with confidence: