Where is Robert Mueller and Why Hasn’t He Come Forward to Defend His Report?

Elder Patriot – The ‘smear President Trump’ campaign continues apace and the one man who can put an end to it, one way or another, is in hiding.  Until he comes forward to answer the question whether Attorney General William Barr mischaracterized his 448-page report we are left considering the motive for his silence.

From this corner it appears that Special Counsel Robert Mueller spent 22 months perpetuating the myth that Donald Trump was involved in a highly-developed scheme with the Kremlin.

We say that because, if we believe that Barr mischaracterized this quote from Mueller’s report, “[T]he investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities,” we would expect the special counsel to say so.

The passage Barr cited is footnoted for easy referencing.  If, as the Left contends Barr’s letter mischaracterized Mueller’s findings, why haven’t they asked Mueller to come forward and say so?

Why hasn’t House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler, who is intent on impeaching President Trump, subpoenaed Muller to appear before his committee to answer that burning question.

Afterall, until Mueller has spoken, everything else, including harassing the Attorney General can be dismissed as a politically motivated sideshow.  Which one suspects, is exactly what Nadler, and the Democrats want.

Almost two months have passed since A.G. Barr issued his 4-page letter summarizing Mueller’s final report.  Mueller has had ample time time to speak on this subject. Instead, he has remained silent.

Where is the mainstream “destroy Trump” media on this?  Is it because they find it critical to maintaining their hate filled rhetoric aimed at the president?

They’ve conveniently avoided Mueller like the plague.

Former special counsel Mueller isn’t the only person with answers they’ve avoided asking questions of.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the man who appointed Mueller and oversaw his investigation, has also escaped media inquiries even though he had a hand in crafting Barr’s letter that neither had the president committed obstruction.

Instead, the media has spent two months claiming President Trump obstructed justice without questioning the one man who could confirm that he found evidence of such a crime.  That has all the makings of a partisan witch-hunt.

Instead, the media has turned on Attorney General Barr and called for his impeachment, again before hearing what Mueller has to say.

Mueller employed 40 FBI agents for 22-months investigating collusion charges that, many of them already knew, there was no evidence of  because they were the same agents who had participated in the FBI’s original investigation.

Their failure to find any evidence, coupled with Mueller’s refusal to make the call a year and a half ago that there was no collusion, strongly suggests that Mueller, and his band of selected Trump haters, were engaging in political deception along with the rabid media virtually since Rosenstein handed the investigation off to Mueller.

Nothing that has happened since the release of the report changes that conclusion.

Mueller is a big boy – a D.C. icon of sorts – capable of speaking for himself.

The fact that he refuses to go public and make a definitive statement at this time, is all the evidence we need to conclude that Mueller has acted, and is continuing to act, as a partisan political hack providing cover to the media’s continuing anti-Trump narrative.

By remaining silent, the only people Mueller is benefiting are Democrats and the media, both of whom have staked their reputations and futures on the impeachment of Donald Trump.

Until Mueller tells us otherwise, Robert Mueller and Andrew Weissmann appear to have assembled a team of severely biased partisans for the sole purpose of undermining a duly elected president.

Where is Robert Mueller?