Rhetoric From Democrats and Islamic Radicals: There is No Difference

ELDER PATRIOT – The rejection of Donald Trump’s America First agenda is so important to the international banking community and global corporatists that they have unleashed the mainstream media against everything Trump.  As a result this has led to their defense of Islamic radicalism and now to their alignment with ISIS.

From the you-can’t-make-this-up file comes MSNBC “counter-terrorism analyst” Malcolm Nance who has called on the Islamic State to bomb Trump Tower in Istanbul, Turkey. 

There can be no justification for Nance’s tweet.  The idea of even imagining such actions without having mentioned it should disqualify Nance from any serious consideration as a “counter-terrorism” expert in the future.

Nance himself realized just how out of line it was and later deleted it.  He was simply covering his tracks.  He never issued a retraction or an apology.  The fact the MSNBC has not fired Nance proves their complicity in defending – even using – radical Islam as long as it damages President Trump.  Sadly, Nance’s rhetoric exactly echoes Democrat’s talking points.

You can listen to Chris Matthews fawn over the radical Islamist apologist’s doublespeak in the video below:

Unless you harbor the same irrational hatred of President Trump as MSNBC there’s simply no reason to consider the network as a serious news source any longer.  It has become nothing more than fodder for self-loathing morons who insist on believing the president’s determination to eradicate this enemy actually makes them stronger. 

We’ve heard this argument before.  It led to 60 million deaths in WWII.

Fact:  Radical Islam has been around for hundreds of years.

Fact:  Radical Islam has been growing virulently in the Middle East for more than a half century, many decades before Donald Trump had any power to incite recruitment for them.

Fact:  We can choose to ignore the threat of radical Islam because we so despise ourselves or we can acknowledge while we have imperfections our culture is more than worth defending from annihilation. 

Nance, who has a history of denying terrorism as a tool of radical Islam, largely speaks for the modern Democratic Party.  He blamed the Nice truck bulldozing of innocent revelers as nothing more than the one-off actions of a mentally unstable psychopath.

He called Omar Mateen’s Orlando nightclub massacre a psychosexual problem.  San Bernardino?  That was workplace violence.

Nance’s propaganda could’ve been written from the talking points of the Democrat National Committee.  Or, perhaps it’s the other way around.  Either way the Muslim Brotherhood would happily add their imprimatur to it.

We’ve reached the point where the more important questions that need to be answered is how deeply imbedded in our government are radical Islamists and how much influence over the mainstream media has extremist Middle Eastern money bought?